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    Mechs and Diamonds: TOTM (lucid)

    by , 04-13-2013 at 09:31 PM (683 Views)
    Current Supplements:
    Fish oil 1000mg 2x/day
    B complex w/ Folic Acid and Vitamin C 2x/day
    Vitamin D3 1000iu 2x/day


    Night before last:
    I dreamed my ex boyfriend and I piloted steam-powered mechs across a post apocalyptic desert landscape, think Fallout New Vegas style. At one point, we stopped at a ruined rest stop.

    Last night:
    1. I was in a crowd in a movie theater like setting. It was very crowded and I was trying to find a seat without disrupting peoples' view of the show. It wasn't dark, though - the seats were all outdoors.

    The theater became stadium-like. I was moving through a large crowd. The dream became blurry, and then I was hovering over the crowd and the building, which was amphitheater like with a strange roof-like structure that had muticolored terra-cotta tiles.

    I suddenly realized that I was flying, which caused me to realize that I was dreaming. All of the colors intensified as I mentally ramped up the vividness of the dream. There were sparkling, vividly hued, multicolored chunks of glass and shiny black, hard pieces of coal suspended in the air around me. I was carrying a stack of tax forms and medical paperwork. As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I tossed them into the crowd below. I watched the hundreds of papers flutter to the earth like falling leaves, glad to have let them go.

    I reached up and grasped a shiny black chunk of coal. It was smooth and hard, and despite being black, it shimmered. I brought both hands together and imagined immense pressure and heat. I imagined that the entire universe was exerting pressure on it. The coal between my hands began to feel hot.

    I opened my hands. The coal had fused somewhat into a yellow piece of glass, but it wasn't a diamond yet. I wasn't bothered by this - it was a process, after all. I closed my hands, pressed them together around the coal/glass, and imagined the immense pressure and heat again. I imagined that all of existence was compressing around this single object. The dream rippled around me. I heard a sound like a shock-wave, or sub-bass.

    I opened my hands and looked again. There was an almond-shaped yellow diamond in my hands, roughly the size of an egg. The surface was polished and smooth, and I could see into the translucent diamond and see all of the facets and the inner structure of the diamond catching the light. I gently released it and it rose into the air, joining the suspended pieces of coal and shards of glass, sparkling brilliantly in the sunlight.

    I woke up. For whatever reason, I just wasn't excited about what I'd done! I just rolled over and went back to sleep... d'oh.

    I dreamed that I was petting a tiger. It had been brought over to my apartment by a different ex-boyfriend. Its stripes were made of paint, and they got all over me.

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