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    Nightmares About...

    by , 11-16-2008 at 12:15 AM (312 Views)
    Random nightmare about Nazis, but for some reason they were dressed as circus clowns.

    The next night I had a dream I was playing a shitty internet Flash game that kept crashing. It was all about some sort of reverse-World of Warcraft world and one of the main characters in it was an annoying sea goddess.

    Followed by a weird nightmare that was like a combination of a documentary on drug runners and Stephen King's "Christine":

    Dreamed there were these guys who gathered and smuggled this plant you had to chew to get high. If you got caught you were looking at a lot of time in prison. Somehow, in the dream, I got coerced into helping these guys. Unfortunately, the feds showed up, and I was the only person who didn't have anywhere to hide. For whatever reason, though, they didn't see me, because I hid the only place I could think of - behind the place's guard dog.

    This was followed by a sequence that's scrambled in my brain but led to me standing outside of a rundown/abandoned shack. I'd driven there in a small fuchsia sports car, it looked like a newer Mustang. There was a broken down car there. The house was inhabited by the ghost of a small child; the broken down car was possessed. Little kid ghost was terrified of the car. I approached the car, and the inside began to fill up with water which streamed down the windows as the engine revved. Like any sane human being, I flipped out and ran back to my own car (whose door was open) while little kid ghost tagged along (by holding onto my hair?). I said "you can't go with me, I don't know what to do with you" but it cried and was insistent and I was about to be run over by a possessed demon car, so I didn't argue. I had trouble getting into my car because my legs wouldn't cooperate for some reason (I was so scared my knees had locked). Somehow I managed to hit the gas and take off, with the possessed car in pursuit. I managed to lose it along the way - I guess it couldn't go outside a certain radius - but my own car was out of control, I was cutting people off and driving in the wrong lane of traffic, and my brakes didn't work. I was yelling at little ghost kid to hit the brakes, but all it would do was cry. I then pulled up outside of a small family restaurant owned by a Yugoslavian family and walked inside. In the dream, I knew the family, but didn't know how to explain what just happened.

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