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    Old Dream: An Academic Nightmare

    by , 08-19-2003 at 06:14 PM (272 Views)
    This one's a common one. I've been having these for basically forever. For context, I graduated nearly a decade ago...

    Aug. 19, 2003:

    ...so I keep having this recurring nightmare, possibly one of the most ridiculous nightmares ever. But the point is, I keep having it. It actually makes sense... um, sort of, sometimes... which is more than most of my OTHER nightmares do.

    Basically, it's like this: it's the first or second week of classes. I have my class schedule, I know when and where all of my classes are. But for some reason I keep forgetting or falling asleep and missing all of my classes. And no matter how hard I try to go to class, something always happens and I can't.
    I admit, last night's version was slightly weirder than usual. For example, one of my classes entailed - get this - shopping in a department store. There was this JC Penny's on campus, which was where class was at. And there were all of these people out on the lawn dressed up as mascots, who were actually psychology students studying peoples' love/hatred/fear of college mascots. And my college algebra professor in the dream was a huge dick. No, not literally, although anything is possible in my dreams... he was just a big jerk. I finished my homework and tried to hand it in, but he refused it, even though he'd accepted homework from the 2 people in front of me, on the grounds that he'd already given out the answers, which he did while I was trying to hand in the damn assignment. Then there were these 3 professors who were, like, triplets or something, and they all looked exactly identical. Except one taught math, one taught science, and one taught something else... they had rooms right next to each other and were fighting over some sort of computerized marquis thingy. Then I had to put all of these clothes away in this one closet in a classroom.

    I was pissed that my algebra prof was being such a jackass, so I went to ask my uncle S if he could help me with my algebra, only instead of living in their regular house, my uncle and cousins lived in this weird mansion that was like a fun-house. And I wandered into this room with all of these gears and stuff in it, I was trying to figure out how to get to another room when my uncle's friend came in and told me to stop hopping on the gears... it turned out they were parts of this gigantic indoor ferris wheel. And then I was eating at a McDonald's with a bunch of my friends, and it was raining outside... but somehow all of this was still inside the mansion. And something or someone was chasing us, because we'd stolen something.

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