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    by , 11-06-2015 at 12:33 AM (377 Views)
    I managed to remember a dream I had the other night.

    In the dream, I was a guy. And I was working with my best friend (also a guy) on a particular job, although I don't completely remember what his part in it was.

    I was some kind of con man. I was trying to get into some sort of nobleman's quarters, for some reason. I remember he was kind of a shithead.

    The architecture of the place was very... Sorr of Tudor... With some fantasy elements thrown in.

    I got in... But he returned while I was there. I tried to go hide in another room, which was like a bathroom, but he knew I was there and sent guards after me.

    I jumped out the window, and managed to make my way down by jumping from stone window ledge to window ledge. But I got to a point where I couldn't, where it was just a sheer drop to the ground, and I was going to have to jump and hope I landed alright.

    I somehow made it, and I was in an area behind the mansion that wasn't quite a backyard. There was a sort of chicken wire fence and high grass. It kind of reminds me of the area behind an apartment complex where a friend used to live when I was little (I got into an argument with her there, in real life, about whether or not you can walk on rainbows. I was heavily in favor of "yes, you can". No rainbow in this dream, though, just me running away from guards.

    As for last night, I vaguely recall something about riding the bus. But that's it.
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