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    Zombie Epic

    by , 11-15-2013 at 11:47 PM (480 Views)
    Sept. 18, 2003:
    I had this dream that I was back in my aunt's old house, and there were all of these zombies everywhere. And they weren't stupid, shuffling zombies, even though they were all nasty looking, they were cunning and intelligent zombies. They'd plan traps and pull all kinds of tricks and stuff, and this made them far more dangerous than your average zombie. And of course, the old standby - get bitten by a zombie, and you turn into a zombie.

    So I'm holed up in this house, and there are zombies everywhere, and of course houses are not terribly secure, especially old ones. And this person busts in, and I think he's a zombie so I try to kill him, but it turns out he's one of the few people left who's still human... his name is, of all things, Sniper, and he's a sharpshooter. He's also a total asshole, but that's beside the point.
    The problem - we have several guns (Sniper's are very nice and very deadly, mine's a worn out rifle and a pistol) but very little ammunition. The odds that this house has ammunition are slim to none. If we go outside to get it, we're toast. I have a feeling that Sniper sees me as a minor annoyance/possible human shield, at best. Especially since I have a habit of forgetting to reload the shotgun and running out of ammunition at the worst possible time.
    Anyway, we secure the house as much as possible, you know the drill - board up the windows, etc. Except we're gonna run out of stuff to board windows up with, so we decide to secure a smaller but tactically crucial section of the house. By this point we're running pretty low on ammunition, although I've gotten a few chances to prove that I'm not completely worthless. Just mostly.
    So once everything's secured, someone knocks on the front door. Sniper opts to open it since he has much better aim than I do. So he cracks the door open, and there's a woman standing out there, and she's obviously a zombie. But she pleads with him a little bit, says she only wants some money, that she needs to feed her kids (who are little zombie-lings by this point). So Sniper, in an odd fit of human compassion, opens the door to pass some money through, and the two evil children attack him. He shoots them before they can bite him or anything and the mother runs away, dropping a pistol that happened to be fully loaded. So we're like “cool, ammo”.
    So then I had to go down into the basement, I don't remember why, I think it was to look for food and see if there was any ammunition down there (even though odds are, there was not), and I get freaked out when I see this zombie (the one from earlier) trying to get in through the basement windows... she can't, though, because there's a metal grating over them. So I grab what I need (no ammo down there) and run upstairs again. And that's when the dream sort of faded out.

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    1. Suena's Avatar
      Craziness. Any time I have a zombie dream I become lucid and wake myself up. :/ I'd actually like to see how those go for me, but I get too freaked out. Very interesting dream.
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    2. Bubble's Avatar
      I guess the interesting thing about my zombie dreams is that they manage to encapsulate the helplessness of a zombie attack, but I always have some way to fight back. I find a weapon and ammo, or I figure something out. I never really die, and the zombies never get to "win".

      Next time you go lucid in a zombie dream, just pretend it's a First Person Shooter and go to town, or use your superpowers to blast them all into bits. After all, it's not like they can hurt you. That's what I plan on doing. It might take some of the fear out of them.
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