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    Jumping Off the World Trade Center and Some Little Punk Messing With Stuff

    by , 01-15-2012 at 10:35 PM (762 Views)
    Finally, after several days of nothing I finally remembered a couple dreams, and one of them was lucid!

    I was in what looked like a computer lab with several rows of desks/chairs and computers. I was on one all the way in the back only it wasn't a school computer or anything, it was my laptop. Everybody else had the same desktop computer but mine was the same as the one I'm on right now. I didn't really think anything of it and was just staring at my background typing stuff even though nothing was happening on the screen. Then, some kid in front of me turned around and smiled really creepily at me. I just sort of looked at him a little odd witha "what?" look on my face. He just chuckled a bit and turned back around.

    I went back to my computer and noticed that some of the icons were missing. I then tried to get on the internet but nothing was happening, no matter how much I pressed the button. Then, I tried to open up microsoft word but that didn't work either. After a minute or so of trying to get this to a work a little pop up appeared saying something like, "haha, you've got a virus ." I looked up and the kid in front of me was staring at me again with a malicious little grin on his face. "Is this your doing?" I asked him. He just laughed and turned back around.

    The next thing I knew I was standing in the doorway to the same room I was just in, facing all the computers. That kid was right in front of me just smiling again. Then, suddenly, he tried to punch me in the face! I quickly put my hand up and stopped his attack, fist in hand. He then tried to jap me in the stomach with his other hand but I deflected it again with my other forearm. At this point I found things a little fishy. I started to question reality and needed to do a RC but I was stopping this kid from hitting me. I looked around for something to do a RC with and noticed a digital clock in the corner of the computer right in front of me. It said 15:81. I figured this was enough to know I was dreaming, but just to be sure I looked away and then back. It now said 0:02.5. What? Decimals? Okay, it's definitely a dream.

    At this point I realized I still had this kid's fists in my hands. Remembering what he did to my computer I twisted his left arm (the one he tried to hit me with first) until he started to exhibit pain. "What do you say?" I asked him in the same tone parents would when they're annoyed with their child. "Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Please! Stop! That hurts!" I let go and he immediately ran out the door. Suddenly, the dream started to get very unstable and it felt as if an earthquake was happening. I quickly rubbed my hands together and focused on my surrounding, trying to become hyper-aware. The shaking stopped and I proceeded to walk over to where I was sitting and grabbed my laptop. Didn't want to forget this!

    I thought of what to do and remembered the TotY. I couldn't think of any to do, so I walked over to a DC sitting at one of the computers. "Hey, can you check or tell me what some of the TotYs are that I haven't done?" I asked him. "Uh, yeah sure. Dreamviews.com right?" He replied. "Yep, thanks." He typed away on the keyboard and after only about 5 seconds he told me, "Let's see, there's the first picture ever taken, first t.v. broadcast, fix that telescope in space, and base jumping off the world trade center."

    "Awesome, thanks." I told him. I decided I would jump off the twin towers in NY. Haven't jumped from high places in a while so I might as well. I headed to the door of the room and thought to myself, "This door leads to the roof of the twin towers in NY." When I opened the door I was suddenly outside, hundreds of feet in the air on the roof of a building. Hey, it worked! I walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was so breezy that I almost fell off when a gust of wind blew over me. On the bottom I could see a bunch of people crowded around the doors and a big ribbon. This must be that cliche ribbon cutting ceremony they always do. Was there even one for the world trade center? I figured I might as well add a bit more challenge and try to get down before the ribbon was cut, and maybe even do it myself.

    I took a few steps back, gathered my breath, and sprinted right over the edge. I did a few acrobatic flips and such, until I leveled out into a normal sky diving position. The only problem was, I had only gone down a few feet. "C'mon gravity! I'm not gonna make it!" But I just floated there, nothing happening. I started getting a little annoyed and yelled as loud as I could, "Gravity on please!!" After a couple seconds I started falling straight down, like some body should when they jump off of anything. "Thank you!" I yelled. It took me about 15 seconds to reach the halfway point, at which time I heard people screaming down at the ground. I looked down trying to see something with the wind blowing into my eyes like this. I noticed they were all looking and pointing straight up at me! Well, they're going to be in for a treat!

    I dove down, head first, into a full on dive. I waited until I was about 50 feet from the ground and quickly flattened out into a normal sky diving position again. I wanted to make a big crater in the ground since that seems to keep happening in all the fights I've been in recently. After only a split second since I had flattened out I hit the ground going full speed. It didn't hurt at all and felt like one of those big coushions used in movies where somebody jumps out of a building. Once I came to a complete stop I looked up and noticed I was in about a 25 feet deep crater. New personal record! I say everybody lined around the edge looking down at me with disbelief that I was still alive.

    I got up, dusted my self off all nonchalant as if nothing had happened. I jumped up and out of the crater in one big burst. I landed on the ground in the middle of the crowd and just stood there for a few seconds while everybody stared. Then, one of them started clapping, followed by another, and another. After only a short moment it turned into a full on applause as if I had just preformed some amazing trick (which I pretty much did ). I just smiled and walked over to the podium where somebody whom I assume was the mayor was standing, as well as a guy holding those big, oversized scissors. I asked them if I could cut the ribbon. The man with the scissors replied, "Well, the mayor was supposed to do it," while motioning towards the man at the podium. "No, no," he said, "let this guy do it. He did just survive an incredible fall without even a scratch."

    "Thanks!" I told him. I walked over to the guy with the scissors who gave the right to me. Wow, these were really light. They must've only weighed 5 pounds! The crowd gathered around waiting anxiously for me to cut it. I held them up to the ribbon and closed the scissors, which was pretty awkward given how big they were. However, the ribbon didn't cut! The crowd gave a sigh as if they were disappointed, while I took a closer look at this "ribbon." I found out that it was actually some type of steel cable! "Hey, whats the big idea having these scissors try and cut a metal cable?" I asked. "What are you talking about? It's just a paper rib--" The man who had given me them said, but was interrupted when he took a closer look.

    "Oh, nope. You're right, this isn't the ribbon at all. It looks like it's rebarb from the buildings." It was at this moment that I could hear a few snickers and laughs coming from around the corner of the building. "Who's back there?" I demanded. "Nobody!" the voice replied. "Go away!" I walked over to the corner of the building only to find the same kid who had messed with my laptop back in the computer lab. "What the... what the hell are you doing here?" I asked him. "Nothing, go away!" He replied. "Seriously, who do you think you are messing with something as harmless as a ribbon cutting ceremony?" I demanded. I don't get why somebody would sabatoge something as meaningless as this. "Pfft, it was still funny." He said. "Besides, I bet you can't catch me!" He yelled as he sprinted off as fast as he could.

    I snapped my fingers and teleported right in front of him. "Oh really?" I asked him. "I can't catch you?" He turned back, obviously surprised and started running back towards the crowd. I casually walked back following him. I could see him just enough so that I could tell he tripped right over and into the crater. Idiot . I strolled over to the edge where the entire crowd had encircled again. "Wow, how dumb are you?" I asked him. He sat in the bottom of the crater in a ball and just stayed there. I decided he was embarassed enough and I walked back over to the rib--metal wire-- and asked them if they had any sharper scissors. "No, sorry," they replied.

    "Hold on," I said, "I have an idea." I took a step back and swung my hand back and around, karate chopping the wire. My hand sliced right through it as if it were butter. Everybody stood there for a second again, and then cheered... again. "Wow, nice hit!" the mayor said. "Thanks!" I replied. "Now what?" I asked them. "Now, we go inside!" he said. I followed both of them inside and, right as I walked through the doors,
    I woke up. Damnet, everything that used to help me in lucids are now waking me up Oh well, got one more of the TotY done .

    Second dream:

    I remember sitting in my bed and seeing a large figure of words that spelled out something along the lines of FREIDEAY. Friday, maybe? I couldn't tell, but there were lines going through parts of it, so it looked like FR//EI//DE//AY. I had no clue that this meant and just layed down and went back to sleep.

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      Dude! Another sweet one? You're tearing through these. I've gotta up my game.
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