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    Burke's Nightly Escapades

    Plaza Shoot Out

    by , 06-20-2010 at 02:04 AM (462 Views)
    Location: A plaza of some sort

    I was in my friend's car in the passenger side seat. He started driving quickly around the corner towards a large Spanish plaza with a fountain in the middle inside of a larger semi-circle with a road going around it. I stopped immediately before hitting the fountain in a Need For Speed type stop where you drift into a stop. He then opened the door and two other cars filled with people stopped about 30 yards away.

    Four men in total stepped out of the cars and pulled out guns at us. My friend then ducked behind the door as I just sat there and watched. They opened fire and my friend pulled out a gun form his pocket. He started firing back. I was sitting in the car the entire time as bullets were flying in through the windshield and coming within inches of hitting me. My friend then jumped back into the car after a few minutes of constant shooting, and sped off. Then I
    woke up.

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