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    Coral Reef Swimming Pool

    by , 11-23-2010 at 07:21 PM (564 Views)
    Our swimming pool was filled with fish, there were two sharks, some worm like fish that were similar to star fish. You couls pull them apart and they would grow the other half back, but it was in a matter of seconds not like in real life. There were also a few stingrays and alot of little fish that we were catching with our hands. In the dream it was me, my dad, my Uncle Randy, his son Little Randy, my girlfriend Alanea, and my friend Hannah. My grandmaw was also there but she wouldn't swim. She was just sitting on the wooden deck by our pool, but it hasn't been there for nearly seven years. Everyone else was swimming and we could breathe underwater. I was careful to avoid the sharks and stingrays. Later on at some point in the dream the pool became larger but I never noticed. The Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayer(?) was there and was being interviewed. She was on a blow up whale float and the camera crew and interviewer were floatin on something else, but I can't recall what.

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