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    Hey, Look... A Dream Journal

    Snakes & Crickets

    by , 08-04-2012 at 06:54 PM (510 Views)
    Around 7:00

    Snakes & Crickets

    First thing I remember is being inside my house, I am on the stairs leading to the second floor and I notice that I have a cricket on my hand. I flick it off my hand, and it hits the ground with a huge thud, surprisingly. I walk back down the stairs and walk into the living room. On one of the chairs in the room is a box, I don't know what is in the box but I pick it up and put it on the ground. I get a knife to cut the tape off which has sealed it. When I do, a snake jumps out at me, I fall backwards avoiding the bite. I back away while the snake slithers towards me, it coils back before launching itself at me, but the cricket from before which has gotten immensely bigger, like a super cricket, dives in front of me and the snake and cricket engage in a battle. I watch it all unfold and distinctly remember seeing a pool of blood on the ground but I wake up while the two are engrossed in their battle.
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