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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    I don't care about giving this a name

    by , 07-14-2010 at 06:06 PM (870 Views)
    I'm walking around outside. There are long alleys, it's night time and everything is illuminated by street lamps. There are chickens walking around, and all the houses seem to be shacks. Clothes are hanging from lines, and I can hear families echoing off the walls.

    I reach a certain house that I seem to recognize. Several people are inside, I can see them through the window. Somehow I know that I am supposed to live there. Several of my housemates, well, they were several years ago - they were there. Standing around. Yish was there. He was moving out and they wanted me to replace his spot in the house. I slowly accepted, unsure of whether or not it was really the best idea or not. It was settled. Everyone was dirty, down. Everything seemed to be falling apart, yet was held together by something so unspeakable that it was hard for them to look at each other.

    I wandered off, wandered back to my place of work that I worked at around a year ago. I was walking around, yet was looking for a parking space. I asked a man where the staff parking was. He directed me to a lot that was very near me. I walked over and there was a man there who was handing out t-shirts. I took one, and put it on. However, I realized that it was two stuck together. I tried peeling one of them off, but the whole thing simply shattered.

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    1. daeryk's Avatar
      The chickens represent cowardice and insecurity. They are issues in your life that you are not confident about, or lack experience to handle comfortably.