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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Let's hang out with the wizards

    by , 09-11-2010 at 06:45 PM (533 Views)
    So, before I begin writing my dreams I'd just like to say something that was really weird that happened to me this morning as I went to write them down. I had gathered my laptop and my thoughts about to go sit outside and write down my dreams. As I stepped outside of my house I was confronted with A GIANT PARADE going by. This included the "moonshine luv shack" float which was a 2 story tall redneck shack on wheels. I immediately did a reality check, because that just seemed like the sort of thing that would happen to my while I was dreaming. Oddly enough, I was completely awake....


    I was sitting in this room... It used to be my secret crawl space attached to my closet. I was with J, and we wanted to go see wizards. These were wizards that we had previously met. We decided to start making flyers and such to get people to come.

    Next dream.

    I'm with L. I'm talking about how I'm going to see a band we both really like in my dreams. I ask her if she wants to come and she says yes after getting really jealous that I was going to see them. She then says that she's going to come. We both go and see them, and things get weird. There are lots of cars everywhere that seem like they are trying to hit us.
    ..... I should have written my dreams down before I went and stared out at the really bizarre parade because this is all I remember right now. Perhaps the rest will come back to me. It is possible that they will not.

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