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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Loose lips might sink ships but these kisses take trips

    by , 09-20-2010 at 06:56 PM (1459 Views)
    I'm walking around with some friends. They're old friends of mine, one of them is actually dead. They're all being really obnoxious and we're all laughing. We keep going into stores and just running around and making loud noises.

    I leave them to go to what I think is my house. There is a feeling of impending doom as I walk through this very strange cookie-cutter neighborhood. Boots comes walking towards me. He's going on and on about, what I think is his upcoming trip to Greece. Then he starts saying things like, "google garble gluck gar gar grrr god damn god damn gluck google, gratch." Which honestly, isn't something he would only do in one of my dreams. I started laughing, he smiled and then we parted ways.

    A girl ran out and greeted me. I don't know her, but I pretended like I did. She told me that I was crazy to be walking around without a purse. I mean honestly, what was I thinking? The war of the worlds was upon us and... wait, what? Yeah, the war of the worlds, possible looming apocalypse. I had to have a purse, at least.

    To my dismay, all of the girls many purses were very large pairs of womens underwear. When I say very large, I mean that they stretched from my waist to the floor and I was very uncomfortable with this. "Um," I started, trying to pick my words carefully and not be rude, "why do you have so many large pairs of underwear?"
    "Oh, well they're totally stylish."
    "I see," I said. I began thinking about how utterly stupid fashion trends are. I left the house without a "purse."

    Somewhere around this point I began singing Kimya Dawson songs, particularly Loose Lips. I felts as though it were looping through the dream.

    It made me think about being lost in San Francisco with a car full of friends looking for a show and blasting this song and all singing along. As I was walking it started going up hill and I was in San Francisco. The pavement was wet and it was dark outside.

    Somehow I managed to get to the battle. I'm still very confused about what it actually was. There was a huge gigantic tower-thing-contraption, that had a huge platform on the top of it. There were people standing on it and there were millions and millions of people surrounding it for miles. There were space ships omitting red and green sparks that were smashing into each other. Everyone was panicking.

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    1. daeryk's Avatar
      The woman with big underwear for purses is a symbol for your attitude towards sex. Money, and purses are about your power to do what you want in life and your sense of identity. The purses are underwear to tell you that you see sex as an important part of your identity. You possibly use sex to get what you want, or you are very focused on sex.