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    1. lucid dream world

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:27 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking down a path in the forest, there are two dream characters with me.

      I am walking up ahead and something clicks with me. I'm dreaming. I run to the two dream characters and tell them, "Hey guys we're in a dream right now!"
      "Really?" one of them asks.
      "Really! I'm so serious, here, I'll show you."

      I grab both of their hands and push my feet off the air hard. Before I know it we're soaring above the world. The strange thing was that, at first the entire world consisted of a big box we seemed to be hovering over. There were lots of things floating in the air, and I kept wanting to go higher. There was half of a train suspended in mid-air. I was having a conversation with one of the girls about how this is our dream imagination playground, how the world below is our mind. I looked down at the box and got up really high and extended my hands pushing the box bigger, bigger, and bigger, until it wasn't a box any more, it was an entire world.
    2. False Awakening and Flying!

      by , 06-14-2010 at 10:06 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Two lucids last night! Yay!

      The first was very dark. I was walking down a dark street and simply knew it was a dream. I think beforehand I had been looking for my dogs leash, or rather, a dog leash somewhere. I then realized that I was holding the leash and walking her down the street.

      Anyway, I realize I'm dreaming and decided that I wanted to fly into space and explore another planet. I started drifting upwards, and then saw my dog still on the leash. For some reason I couldn't come back down and unleash her, so I decided to use my mind to do it. I made the leash unhook from up in the air and she came catapulting up next to me. The sky was beautiful, and I started to penetrate into space, everything was blue and cloudy... wispy. The dream ended.


      I'm in my room, and I wake up. I feel like something is off. Everything feels really weird. D is there and is yelling about something. I feel like this must be a dream. I look at my hands and count my fingers to do a reality check. I could about 8 fingers on my left hand. I know I'm dreaming, but this feels too real. I think, maybe I can fly through the ceiling since it's a lucid dream. I jump and hit my head on the ceiling, I can't penetrate it. I feel like I spent a really long time knowing I was dreaming but was somewhat overwhelmed about being wrong that I was dreaming. I ended up catapulting myself through the window.

      I lost lucidity shortly after. I remember inheriting a house and having the neighbors yell at me because there was an anarchy sign on the side of the house. It was very small. I also remember driving down some jenky road that I wasn't supposed to.
    3. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:02 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      Last night was the first dream I became lucid because I remembered to do a reality check.

      I was walking up this giant swooping hill with one of my best friends who is about to get married. I remember us just talking about it for a while...

      We got to the bottom of the hill and I thought things seemed kind of unreal. I put my finger through the palm of my hand and reminded myself to stay calm. I smiled and jumped slightly and hovered on the ground for a moment. I told myself that I was dreaming and could fly if I wanted to. I spread my arms out around me and began to slowly hover up into the air. I kicked and catapulted myself upward and began spinning.

      I rose high in the air and swept across vast dreamscapes. I spent a long time flying until I came to the ocean. I saw a bicycle perched upon a cliff pointed towards the sea. I came down to it and realized it was my bike. I started pedaling into the sky until I pointed it downward. I started exploring the ocean on my bike and saw the most beautiful jelly fish. I got off the bike for a while to dance with them.

      It's funny, this was one of my most beautiful dreams yet I don't have the words to describe it.
    4. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 01:55 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I am in an office... not the office I work in - some backwards corporate office in a sky scraper. I have my own office, not a cubicle. One whole wall is glass.

      This dream I went in and out of being lucid.

      I say to myself, "I would never work here. This can't be real." I decided to try to turn off the light and couldn't. I rummaged through some papers and nothing seemed to look quite right.

      I turn towards the windows and jump into them, smashing them to bits. I didn't fall, I sort of gently floated down to the sidewalk below.

      I am holding some sort of device. It is black and round with a circular screen in the middle. I had cracked it on the fall down.

      I am turning over this object wondering what it could possibly be for. Weird images keep flashing on it, it looks like it's trying to come back to life but is unable to.

      I decide I want to leave the city as it is too congested and crowded. I spin and am in a park by the house I grew up in.

      I am in the park, I forget for a few moments what I am doing there. I am still holding the device. Not far away there is a boy playing fetch with his dog. They seem to be having a grand time and I watch for a few moments...

      Up in the air I see a hot air balloon. The baloon is light blue with white stripes going vertically down it. I start thinking to myself that I would like very much to ride in that hot air balloon.

      A thought dawns on me that I can do anything I want, because of course - I am dreaming!

      I approach the man and ask him if I could use him for a moment. He comes with me to below where the air balloon is. I climb up on his shoulders and jump hard, propelling myself high into the air where I grab ahold of the balloon and swing myself inside its basket. There are buttons and knobs all over the inside, control panels galore. I wonder what is going on at my house... I steer it towards my house.

      When I get there, all of my friends are sitting in a circle in my living room with candles in the middle of them.

      I walk over and sit with them. They're all smoking pot and looking rather burnt out.

      Okay... So, I'm frustrated.

      I couldn't stay lucid and when I was lucid... Well, I didn't do much.

      I think I need to work on an intention to carry out next time I become lucid. Everytime I become lucid I either go in and out of being lucid or I just kind of... don't do much. Buh.

      Anyone have any suggestions?
    5. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 01:53 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post

      I am. In the middle of the woods. You know - redwoods, bits of moss splattered about here and there. Your typical wood-sy area. If you haven't visited the woods, I highly recommend it. AGHEM. (Please excuse the mindless ramblings, I can't help it... really.)

      So - rewind a minute here. In the woods, moss, trees, imps prancing around with tea cu-----... scratch the imps.

      My mother is walking towards me and says to me, "You know, I think we should go out and get a nice dinner."
      I am awfully obliged and graciously accept her offer of food.
      So we go to some schmancy resteraunt and have a huge dinner. And then another resteraunt.... and... then another one.

      Seven damn resteraunts later and I'm ballooning up like an elastic elephant. GARGGLLEEBLUCK.

      So, my madre eventually leads me into the heart of this strange city. It was a futuristic city except everyone was dressed in fashionable 1600's attire. Lots of women were holding sun umbrellas as well and I thought this recockulous.

      I looked down at myself, I was dressed in some tight black jeans with a studded belt... and a black zippy hoodie with punk patches sewn all over the place. I kept getting dirty looks from the general population...

      My mother bade me farewell and I tromped off down some small city side-street. I saw a little olde-time-E shoppe and decided to have a gander inside.

      Inside were all kinds of sweets and delectibles, however I wanted nothing to do with any of it. BLUCK.

      I asked a middle-aged man with glasses that hung loosely on the brim of his nose, equipped with shaggy curly brown hair and a monacle if he knew of anywhere I could stay, because, obviously I was going to be here for a long while and I had nowhere to rest my poor head.

      To my surprise he said yes and showed me into the downstairs area.

      Now - did I mention the prince and his cronies?

      I don't believe I have.....

      Following me throughout the entire dream was this snub-nosed rich pretty boy prince and two big tatted up skinheads that seemed to be everywhere that I was. While I was eating dinner (all the dinners) they were always at another table. While I was in the candy shop they were standing outside.

      Anyhow - this is where the dream gets weird, because, well. I've never gone to sleep and woken up in the same dream before. It just hasn't happened for me.
      .... until this dream, that is - which I'm sure you foresaw when I even mentioned the idea.

      In any case, your poor dreamer was led into the basement of this candy shoppe. There was a window where I could see the street, well - the sidewalk and peoples feet as they passed. I drifted off to sleep and woke up in the morning to three sets of feet standing outside that window.

      I got up, got dressed and ventured out.

      In my wanderings I came upon a cave. Don't ask how I found this cave - I just sort of did. Anyhow, I heard shrieking coming from the cave and was so scared that I turned on my heel to run away. I returned back to the candy shoppe and went asleep and woke up. I awoke to the three feet standing outside the window.

      Er - so then I went out and walked around a while until I came to the airport. I didn't want to go anywhere, I just wanted to look around. So, they had in the airport areas where gravity was turned off and super hover areas where I could just hover around almost as if I had a jet-pack attached to me. That was pretty cool.

      I returned to the candy shop and fell asleep, woke up again to the three pairs of footses.

      I returned to the cave, this time a straggler was following me around but I didn't mind his company too much. We found a princess in the cave who had all her fingers and toes cut off, her face was bashed in and her long blonde hair was missing due to pieces of her scalp being torn from her head.

      Somehow we healed her and transformed her into the beauty she had once been.

      We left her there and I returned to the candy shop, went to sleep, woke up to the three pairs of feet once again. (I know this is getting repetetive, I am sorry)

      Me and the straggler returned to the cave where we found the prince trying to capture the princess. For some reason almost a whole town of people was surrounding him and a carnival had broken out several hundred yards away.

      I walked up to the prince and in front of everyone said he was not a real prince. I don't know exactly what I said, but I had enough evidence against him that all the towns people were carrying torches and dragged him off. The princess was very happy. She started dancing and twirling.

      I sauntered off slowly, back towards the city.

      I have noticed people like to use the color blue for their lucid dreams. I'll do this as well.

      This is the point in which I became lucid.

      I was walking through the streets when I remarked rather loudly 'HOLY SHIT I'M DREAMING.'
      Well now, the strange straggler fellow who had helped me heal the princess was there and said.
      "What are you talking about?"
      "I'm dreaming, woah - this is cool!"
      "You are not dreaming, if you were dreaming how could I be here?"
      "Well, you're just a dream charactor, you don't really exist."

      He did not like this at all.

      I decided to stop wasting my time and explore this place a little bit.

      I walked up to a huge sky scraper that seemed to be made up of all these little microchips and wires that were all sorts of different colors melding into a giant glowing monster (not really a monster, but of colossol proportion, whatever you'd like to call it). I stuck my nose really close up to the building and looked to see all these little colors of light swirling around and moving up and down wires and microchips. I stuck my hand out to touch the building and my hand got absorbed into it. I watched it turn into little rainbow colored atoms and particles with little dots of brightly colored light swarming around.

      I got so excited that I woke myself up.
    6. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 12:28 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      Im standing on the street with a group of people. Theres some commotion going on, and I immediately know that I am dreaming. Im staring at my hands and feet, and I feel a rush of excitement. Im really happy that Im in a lucid dream and immediately want to start flying. I jump off the ground. I start hovering off the ground for just a moment when my dog jumps up with me. Were rising off the ground, soaring in the air. I am so happy how vivid everything is. The weird thing, this has never happened before, I was completely aware of my body sleeping, but I could still feel my dream body.
      I came back down onto the ground for a moment. There were some dream characters standing around my car. Look what you did, one of them said, opening my drunk. A cat was in there. They said it had been starving in the trunk of my car.
      Nope, I said, Im dreaming, I cant feel bad about that.
      It was a relatively short lucid, but every detail was so vivid, it almost seems more real than my entire day yesterday.