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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Puppies are bad for making bread with.

    by , 09-25-2010 at 08:06 PM (922 Views)
    So, it all started out when I'm in front of a Safeway and there's some guy who puts a gun to my head. Naturally, I get really pissed off at the nerve of some people. I reach into my pocket where I find a gun and shoot him. It's not a real gun, it's a taser. He is fine, but I leave him there and take his gun away, stomp on it and shattering it before scooping up the remains and putting them in the garbage.

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    I'm by what appears to be a small lake/pond but has small waves like the ocean. I am holding my bag of sea glass and treasures and dump it into the surf. An old couple walks up and begins picking up the pieces. I tell them not to because I am only putting them there to clean them off. They seem disappointed so I go through them and try to find pieces to give them. I take a handful and give it to the woman and she is happy. I then walk around gathering all the pieces I can find and putting them in a little tin. By the time I am done collecting them all the lake has dried up completely.

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    I am in what appears to be a really bizarre school. For some reason a teacher pulls me aside and tells shows me a map. It's circular of some passageways and there are four different colored space ships. I have to go do something about this, stop them, find something. I'm not precisely sure. I take off and go outside where there are several people gathered around a table. There is a puppy and they are slicing him up to make bread. I am very upset about this. I love puppies. I don't think puppies belong in bread. The odd thing is is that the puppy looked more like a cartoon than a real puppy, and it didn't have blood inside it. As they sliced him he just made funny faces and the inside of him looked like bread.

    They also had two ostriches, a rhino, more puppies and a few other animals. I ended up releasing the animals.

    I had a conversation about how I'm going to record a rap album, and I kept trying to write rhymes. I don't remember any of the rhymes but I sure wish I did.

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