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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Swords and Fish

    by , 09-08-2010 at 06:53 PM (711 Views)
    I'm wandering down a long path, holding a sword. It's a really huge sword encrusted with jewels and rubies and such. There was a woman walking in front of me, also carrying a sword. She paused and looked behind me and told me to hurry up.

    We soon found a whole army of people walking and holding swords. They were all in pretty good spirits. Mind you, this did not take place in the past. Everyone was wearing modern clothes, and the mix of people was very strange. Young, old, from every which walk of life - we were walking down a path carrying extremely fancy swords.

    The dream changed, and I was sitting in a living room. There was a very large little girl being videotaped by what looked like a few highschool kids. They seemed to regard her as a celebrity, and kept calling her princess. She was spouting off all sorts of things about her personal beliefs which I wasn't paying much attention to. Instead, I was looking around at the house which was completely and utterly empty. The only thing remotely interesting about anything inside the house was one bright green wall, which really wasn't a whole lot to look at.

    There was a very large angry looking woman in the room who I hadn't noticed previously. I suggested we play cards and began shuffling and dealing as everyone came and sat in a wide circle. I had intended for us to play solitaire. They were playing it all wrong, and I interrupted and said, "you know we're playing solitaire, right?"

    The large woman looked at me with rage. I wasn't scared, mostly annoyed. "You can't play solitaire with a deck of cards," she said, "You can only play it on the computer. The computers have a deck of cards that is designed specifically for the playing of solitaire."
    Of course, it didn't occur to me that what was really wrong was that we were playing with more than one player - hence, solitaire. Nonetheless, I argued with her saying how solitaire came before computers and you could play solitaire with a normal deck of cards. I explained to her that I'd played it many times on my own with a deck of cards without a computer. The woman became angry with me and I stormed outside.

    I went to sit on a curb outside of the house. I noticed that several of my fish were in fish bowls. I had to feed them, I realized. I kept knocking over the fish bowls and watching as they began floundering about and suffocating on the ground. I would hurriedly scoop them up and look around frantically for their bowl. Sometimes I'd find a cup with a bit of water or something in it and shove them quickly inside before finding their bowl. I felt I had many more fish around than I had previously.

    There was one fish, who, was completely red. It was swimming about and as I stared at it was thinking of how completely beautiful it was. I realized that it had a tiny human body, and was a woman. It's hard to explain. She had arms and a face, but the rest of her was a fish. She stood up on the water, in the water. She waved and made a funny face by sticking her tongue out at me. I was taken aback... I wanted to take her somewhere else to have a talk because I realized that there were people all around me.

    As I walked with the fish, things became blurry.

    I was wandering alone on a seemingly empty street. There was a car up ahead and I decided to follow it so I might find my way out of here. The car stopped and pulled into a driveway at the end of a dead end.

    A woman came running out of her house and handed me two bagels and a loaf of bread. She told me the bagels were the best, there weren't many but they were delectable.

    Dream changes. I'm inside a house and there are several people playing drums. I think I know them, they seem incredibly familiar. They talk to me about how I should start playing a hand drum. I say that I would like that but I don't have one.

    A man, who looks like someone I know, tells me that he can give me one of his old ones. He says it was his favorite, but he has a new one now. I thank him.

    ... I think that's about it.

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    1. Requiem's Avatar
      I was hoping for some more at the sword bit.

      That fat women was stupid. She had no idea what she was talking about. My DCs seem to be pretty stupid too.

      Drumming is pretty awesome. You should buy one.