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    1. Let's hang out with the wizards

      by , 09-11-2010 at 06:45 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, before I begin writing my dreams I'd just like to say something that was really weird that happened to me this morning as I went to write them down. I had gathered my laptop and my thoughts about to go sit outside and write down my dreams. As I stepped outside of my house I was confronted with A GIANT PARADE going by. This included the "moonshine luv shack" float which was a 2 story tall redneck shack on wheels. I immediately did a reality check, because that just seemed like the sort of thing that would happen to my while I was dreaming. Oddly enough, I was completely awake....


      I was sitting in this room... It used to be my secret crawl space attached to my closet. I was with J, and we wanted to go see wizards. These were wizards that we had previously met. We decided to start making flyers and such to get people to come.

      Next dream.

      I'm with L. I'm talking about how I'm going to see a band we both really like in my dreams. I ask her if she wants to come and she says yes after getting really jealous that I was going to see them. She then says that she's going to come. We both go and see them, and things get weird. There are lots of cars everywhere that seem like they are trying to hit us.
      ..... I should have written my dreams down before I went and stared out at the really bizarre parade because this is all I remember right now. Perhaps the rest will come back to me. It is possible that they will not.
      Tags: band, cars, wizard
    2. running from the law as deer

      by , 08-08-2010 at 09:17 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am with Summer. We decide to go back to Santa Cruz, where we used to live.

      I think beforehand we stopped at an apartment that looked like our old house, we both got really sad and missed it.

      Santa Cruz is somewhat in ruins. The boardwalk is falling apart, and the whole thing looks like a deserted carnival. The ocean is nowhere in sight either.

      We walk to our old house and go inside. It's kind of falling apart and there's someone living there who we don't want to see us. I remember fumbling with some sort of lock/combination whose keys were white and had black letters on them. I never cracked the code.

      We walked around saying where we would put certain things if we moved back in. Then we went outside, and knew that we couldn't live there again, but wanted to try anyway.

      ... dream changes.

      I'm trying to get into a school. I have to go take this test, and I'm somewhere in the mountains, there's a winding road. I find this building that looks ancient yet well preserved. I think there might have been people flying too.

      I took the test (which was skipped in the dream, but I know I took it) and then got my results. I had done really well. I left the place, and found Donald, Max, Summer and Ed. They were standing outside a thrift store. I went inside and someone mentioned something about how I should find designer labels because I have a knack for it. I started looking around, and there was a woman holding up a fish bowl. I looked at it and she offered it to me. I declined. I then went to look at this row of cups that had fish on them and began picking them up and examining them. They were very beautiful.

      The next thing I know, I am in a dark room. Someone is holding me, holding on to me like they're scared. I'm seated at a table across from a man who is interrogating us. I think that Donald is behind me, holding onto me. They chain us together and interrogate us about money. They tell us they're taking us to prison. They take us outside. I am in Santa Cruz, right by my old house. I am by the roller rink and the bagelry and the cafe summer used to work at. Donald begins ripping and tearing at the chains. We're both free and we morph into deer and begin running as fast as we can. There is a baby deer with us, I don't know who the baby deer is. We are running so fast through my old neighborhood. We can hear sirens coming closer and closer. We morph into black cats and hide as they pass.

      I go to my moms house and there is a note on the door for me that says to check my email. I go to check my email and it says that there is an email from her but I can't figure out how to open it.
    3. Scattered memories of dreams from the past few days

      by , 07-09-2010 at 08:59 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I've been having a really bizarre mix of dreams in the past few days.

      They've all been rather odd, not quite nightmares, but not particularly good dreams either. No lucidity in the past week either.

      Er, on one occasion I was inside of an old movie theater. The seventh Harry Potter movie was playing and the dream sequence would switch between watching the movie and being inside the scenes.
      I was back in my hometown, with all my old friends. We were going to a show, it was Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains. We all started singing, "Tonight I bury old William without remorse, because hell sleeps around and heaven wants a divorce. Tonight I burn my bookshelf to be free, because even a rebel tradition is slavery."
      Everyone had very red faces, they looked almost as if they were going to explode with the screaming of the lyrics.
      I'm running through a dark forest. There's someone behind me. There's the feeling that I'm trying to get somewhere, not get away from somewhere.

      I had a brief meeting with Anashnu. He told me to stay focused on my intentions and he'll see me again soon.
    4. Road trip

      by , 06-26-2010 at 07:43 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Apparently Arizona, India and Japan all border each other. I know this because I decided to go on a road trip. I ended up going to India, but the people/culture was more like South America (except they ate a lot of gumbo and jambalaya).

      I ended up staying on a farm with a family for a while. I'm not precisely sure what I was doing there. We went on a boat made of glass that sunk deep into the ocean. I pressed my hands against the glass and stared at the fish, whales, and weird creatures swimming past.

      I drove to some sort of rest stop. They had a huge room where you could take showers. I figured since I was on a road trip and broke that I should take one. The showers were in stalls, and this maze of them seemed to go on for a very long time. I was trying to find one private enough. I did and then someone jumped into the stall so I left. I recall talking to the woman behind the counter about how messed up it was that since all the Americans were coming there they weren't allowed to put up their national flag or display their art. There were a lot of outlines of murals, half painted hands that they said they wanted to finish but since they were so busy they weren't able to get around to it.

      I contemplated driving to the grand canyon but decided that I didn't want to go south.

      I ended up at a house that a lot of people I knew were there. Robin Williams was sitting on the couch. He was very young and had spider bites (piercings) on his lips. He was wearing a large trench coat. I stealthily followed him outside where he killed a woman and scooped up a bit of her flesh into the front of his trench coat.

      I think that's about it. I'm sure a lot of other stuff happened.
    5. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 07:53 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm with Yish, we're at some sort of ruin site. There are many pyramids around, he's walking through the entrance to one of the pyramids. I'm apprehensive, but follow at a distance. Inside, it is very dark. As I get further into the pyramid it gets harder to determine where I am, how to get out, or if there's even a way out at all. I'm edging along, my hand on the wall. I'm scared that if I lose the wall I'll get lost inside. Finally, I emerge into the sunlight.

      There are more pyramids around. We begin walking toward another one. Immediately we see hundreds of small children crying and running, as if they're running away from something. I realize that there are thousands of monkeys chasing them, and beyond the monkeys are tons of armed soldiers. The monkeys are clinging to the children's faces. Yish and I duck into another golden pyramid, I'm not sure why but a really eerie feeling enveloped my entire body, washed over me giving me shivers.

      The rest was a little hazy, I remember fragmented pieces of other dreams but... So it goes.
    6. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:11 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm invited to a party. It's really lively and there are tons of people everywhere. I find a friend within the massive crowd circling this broke down house covered in Christmas lights. I want to find my friend who I seem to have lost. I take off walking down this dirt road toward where I imagine there is a town. Up ahead I see Puddin' Boots leaned over on a bench in front of a grocery store. He's holding a cup of water that a stranger just handed him.
      "I don't feel too good," he says, looking up at me.
      I think about this for a moment and decide that the best thing for us to do is get out of this backwards town. I suggest this and he seems to agree with me.

      Somehow we are suddenly in a car that's speeding down a winding road through the forest. I'm driving. We stop at a house and Jo and Sh are standing outside.
      "Hey dude!" Jo says, smiling. "I'm glad you made it! Come check out our new house."
      Puddin' Boots and I walk up some stairs and open the front door. We emerge into a pretty nice living room. There is a green couch and a wooden coffee table. Everything seems to be fine... despite the fact that there is no roof on the house.
      "Uh," I began," You have no roof."
      "Yeah, I actually kind of like it. It never rains on us," Jo replied
      "Well that's good."

      Jo wandered into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. I began walking around the living room and found a trap door nestled inconspicuously behind the couch. I opened it up and descended into what appeared to be the bedroom. It was very nice inside and everything looked like it was an antique.
      "I see you've found the bedroom," Jo called to me, "check it out, we've got a roof in there!"
      I laughed at this and clambered back up the stairs.

      Everyone had completely vanished. I walked outside to find PB sitting in the car.
      "They're all gone," he said quietly as I climbed into the car. As I drove away I could see the house crumble in my rearview mirror.

      We arrived at a really bizarre looking carnival. Everyone was dressed up like they were straight out of the 1950's. Women were wearing old fashioned dresses and pony tails.

      Somehow, PB and myself knew we were supposed to be there and knew exactly where we were supposed to go. A space ship was sitting several hundred yards from the festivities. I climbed aboard only to be faced with a group of people that looked like they belonged on an MTV reality show. Not only that, but we were surrounded by video cameras and everyone kept trying to come up with cheesy one liners.

      Oops! I'd walked into hell.

      I sat down on an empty seat because by now it was much too late to get out. PB seemed to have realized this early and made a mad dash for the front door. I really couldn't blame him.

      Before I knew it we were exiting onto a strange planet. It was really dusty and windy there. Apparently I had found myself in some sort of deranged deep-space reality show. Just my luck. As soon as I get the chance to explore other planets I have to do it with a bunch of wannabe-famous MTV losers. Great.

      They showed us to the house and everyone scrambled toward their favorite bed. I didn't care, I just wanted to get away from these people.

      I walked out along what appeared to be a sandy beach. There were Manta Rays floating in the air. I recalled several things at this point. The first was riding the manta ray in Mario Party. The second was Douglas Adams ranting in the Salmon of Doubt about how he had intended to ride a manta ray. I decided there was nothing for it and made a running jump toward the beast. It immediately began to glide low just above the sand. I was expecting a crazy ride through the wind, but the thing maintained a relatively slow pace. This was okay, at least if I fell off it wouldn't hurt too bad. I then realized I was still being followed by those damned camera people. I felt a pang of anger about the whole situation, then realized that I would be forever immortalized riding a manta ray on some distant planet. I was okay with that.

      They had to pull me off the manta because apparently we were going to a different planet.

      When we emerged from the space ship I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was huge. All of the people I was with were eating something that made them shoot up and grow large. I took a bite out of a cookie they handed me and I was just the right size. I began to wander around away from the group and realized that I was walking through the actual Wonderland. Really. I'll even meet the mad hatter in a few sentences.

      So, I'm walking down a dirt road and I see a girl who either is Alice, or she's just dressed up as her. I'm not sure. The cheshire cats face appears out of a tree and I wonder if I'm just going insane. I take a few steps toward a really whimsical looking wooden house only to be dwarfed by a man who's towering above me in a very peculiar top hat. "Hello, little one!" He says, grinning what can only be described as the evilest grin I have ever seen in my life......

      I wake up.
    7. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:10 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm in the forest, with several of my friends. Someone is asking me for tips on journalism because they're in a journalism class. I took out a pen and paper and started writing in really fancy cursive and making all the pointers to myself, completely ignoring the person who had asked me a question.

      We had to go to a meeting. The meeting was full of all the anarchist kids in this town and they took turns speaking at a raised table at the far end of the long rows of seats that were completely filled.

      One of the blackbird raum kids asked for a pen and then said my name. I rummaged through my bag and found my favorite pen. I was really reluctant to give it away, however decided to try to throw it to him. I couldn't tell if we were inside or outside, but when I tried to throw the pen it hit an invisible ceiling and bounced to the floor and all the pieces fell apart. I rushed to put them back together. As I approached the giant table, everything got really quiet and I could feel hundreds of eyes upon me.

      At the end of the meeting I got my pen back.

      I remember trying to hide in my garage, pretending to be a plastic bag. It worked, a second time it didn't. I forget who I was hiding from.

      Me and two of my best friends decided to go camping. It was really normal and uneventful.
    8. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:04 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare. Well, yesterday I couldn't. Then last night I ended up having one. So it goes I suppose.

      I was in my house and, let's just talk about cliche nightmares here, a serial killer broke into my house and took me hostage. He was torturing me and I, to say the least, was not having a very good time at all. This seemed to go on for some time and I'd rather not get into the gory little details.

      Anyway, I kept trying to escape and each time I did I found my plan to be foiled, thwarted, done fer.

      At some point in dream-time, one of my best friends came into the house when the serial killer was gone. I was tied up and he assured me things would be okay. We heard him coming so we climbed out a back window and hopped over a neighbors fence.

      The neighbors on the other side greeted us and were friendly enough.

      Somehow we managed to escape that mess, however the killer continued to stalk me for what seemed like a very long time.

      He did find me again and ended up biting me and turning me into... a vampire. Yes, I had a dream I was a vampire guys.

      ANYWAY. I wasn't really thirsting for blood, oddly enough. I remember I really wanted to go to this show and I was trying to bargain with some people about buying tickets off them. Somehow all my friends had joined and we were all buying tickets. I had difficulties avoiding sunlight in the streets as I voyaged and searched for someone to sell me a ticket.

      I ended up in a glass house. I had my dog with me and a man came out of a room to tell me I was making far too much noise.
    9. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:04 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm at a friends party of sorts. We're in a back yard and we're playing a game. I don't understand the game we're playing, yet everyone else seems to.

      "Hey, let's go to the Boardwalk!" the host cries out excitedly.
      We all walk to the bus station and I see everyone's about to get on the bus so I get on. The doors slam and everyone is laughing outside and walking towards the house. There is no room on the bus and I fell in between the door and a seat with an old man snoring loudly. The door opened and I almost fell out. I didn't and the door closed again.
      "Fuck my life," I said loudly. There was silence as everyone in the bus turned to look at me. The bus driver pulled over and told me to get out. I walked back to the party.

      "What the hell?" I said as I approached the group of giggling girls.
      "Oh cool, you made it back. We decided not to go."

      Everyone went back inside and I was left standing in the back yard. I was standing around and suddenly realized I understood the game they were playing. It was something like you were given three choices to a situation and you had to pick one according to who you are. I thought it was stupid.


      The dream changes here.


      I'm upset about something and I'm walking down a pier. There are two docks I can walk down. One says hot and the other cold. I walk down the one marked cold.

      There are these booths that look like tanning booths but are filled up with water. There are 1950's dressed robotic women tanning in the tubs of water, and the whole place is themed to winter. There are television screens airing in black and white, talking about the ideal vacation spot for the 1950's woman. All of the robots are talking happily and suddenly the screen starts slowing down and the whole place sort of dementedly bends back and forth eerily. The robots start slowing down as well and there is this jagged silence I'm left with that I can't quite stand.

      A robotic woman approaches me and says we need to find some sort of thai cooking packet in the supermarket that's attached to the place. Obviously, my logic circuits are down so this makes perfect sense to me and I follow her.

      We're walking in what looks like a fucked up version of costco... which isn't far from an actual costco since I think huge stores are creepy in waking life. Some men working at the store are dumbfounded that we're requesting such an object and try to substitute peanut butter and jelly.

    10. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:03 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I dreamt that I had died last night.

      I don't exactly remember how it was that I died, but I was standing in my living room and my skin seemed to be fading away. I walked into the next room and my mother was hunched over my body.

      "Mom, I think I'm dead," I said. She was astonished that she could hear me. All of my friends came over and they could all hear me but could not see me. I had become a ghost. I could pick up objects but could not touch another persons skin. The only living being that could see me was my dog.

      My mom wanted me to help her to decorate the room my funeral was to be held in. She was tearing down posters from the walls and putting up ones that I liked. A boat was brought into the middle of the room and all my friends came in dressed like pilgrims and sat in the boat. It was quite strange.

      My boyfriend was kissing another girl much later on, time seemed to be moving very fast in this state of being dead. I yelled at him and he stopped.

      This is especially strange - I tried to do several reality checks that all seemed to convince me that I was not dreaming but in fact had died. I tried putting my finger through my hand and it occurred to me that I had no real biochemical form as a ghost and wouldn't work. I tried holding my breath, but that I realized was also useless. I tried critically thinking about how I had gotten there, and other than forgetting how I had died it all seemed to make perfect sense.

      A while later I decided to walk into a grocery store. As I walked in, I could see one of those television sets that monitors as people come in. I could see an opaque outline of my body and started shouting wildly for everyone to come and see if they could see me too. Everyone that looked could see me in the screen.

      A while later I'm in the car with my dog and good friend. I'm still invisible but he knows I'm in the car. The world around us disappeared and all of the sudden he could see me. We were on this road that was leading into the sky. There was a three pronged fork in the road with signs that said "heaven," "hell," and "other."

      "Other!" I yelled loudly.
      "No shit," he replied.

      We chose the road marked other. I woke up and had the strangest thought. I wondered if maybe I had died and the road marked "other" had simply brought me back into waking life, and that entire experience was marked in the form of a dream.

      A man named Sage Francis once said, "You're scared to death of dying, and that thought there is probably killing you."

      I woke up less afraid of death. During the dream I completely came to terms with being dead. In fact, I was okay with it.
    11. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:02 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm on some sort of tower that's looming up over a giant crowd of people. There's some sort of political thing going on. Some asshole just won ruler of the world and I'm pretty pissed about it. I'm gathered on this tower with all these people that are the opposition to what's going on.

      We decide to make tee shirts which I find ridiculous. I'm talking to some people who are on a "Politico-Trek" where they travel around the world protesting through some program. I also find this ridiculous.

      I'm driving in my car, it's full of stuff.. I think I am moving. I am driving on this cram packed two lane highway and am scared passing all these huge trucks. I move over to the other side of the freeway and am even more scared because now all the cars are coming directly at me and I have to swerve not to hit any of them. My dog is on the roof of the car and begins jumping from car to car until she jumps passed some train tracks and over a hill. I follow her there and pack the car.

      Now I'm parked in some strange cave-like landscape. There's a woman I'm meeting there and she wants to see how I'm doing. I introduce her to the dog, but then I run away with her and my friend.

      I know there's an important piece of information missing from this dream, but so it goes.
    12. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:01 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm with someone very important to me. We're walking down some dark alley, when our mutual friend appears. He tells us that the world is ending soon and we're all going to die. Apparently he has an airplane in dream land, because he wants us to get on his airplane with him, which of course, we do.

      We're flying pretty high in the sky when out of nowhere he begins dive bombing straight to the ground.
      "We're all gonna die," he says, "it may as well be now."
      I was sitting in the front seat watching the ground get nearer and nearer. None of us said anything, we simply sat and watched, waiting for death to envelope us.

      Death never came last night. My dear friend pulled the plane out of the dive right as we would have smashed into the ground.
      "Then again," he added, "we may still have a shot at life."
      I dreamt we visited a hospital where everyone had to get these weird shots, and I didn't want any.
      We flew away in the plane and ended up wandering streets in some random town.
      An old woman peered from behind a cracked door at us and immediately insisted we come inside, ushering us towards her couch.
      The woman was very old, maybe in her 80's. She looked ancient and seemed to be of south east asian descent, possibly thai or lao.
      When she frowned it seemed that the creases in her face grew exponentially deeper and when she smiled her wrinkles seemed to stretch and laugh with the rest of her face.
      She handed me a cell phone and was trying to speak in broken english to me. I was going through these contacts in her phone trying to piece together the puzzle she wanted me to figure out.

      I finally did and was rather disappointed. She wanted me to go hang out with the members of Queen with her that had apparently regrouped into some other band. I shook my head and exited the entrance.
    13. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:00 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm with my ex boyfriend, we're in a very small house. Outside looks almost like a marsh land, the moon is out and there is a small creek running through tall grass. There are so many fire flies that I can't tell them apart from the stars.

      He decided that he wanted to cover up his tattoo's and he wanted me to tattoo him. I ended up doing a huge fairy sitting on his back and implanted feathers in the wings. Then, on his arm I did this giant fairy standing with all these different colors swirling together.
      I decided I was going to build up my piercing portfolio... apparently the tattoo shop I want to work at is attached to the house I am in. I walk inside the shop and all the employee's are there and are admiring the tattoo I did. I wander off to the creek and am stumbling through darkness. A lot of friends and family members come and ask me if I want anything to eat, and they tell me I have to get it myself because they won't make anything vegetarian. I tell them that I don't mind, I just want a forty. Somehow, a forty appears and I walk down by the creek to drink it.

      When I get to the creek I have a really hard time sitting down correctly. I'm sort of slipping in and out of the muddy grass, but I'm trying desperately not to get mud on me. My ex comes and sits with me and I tell him I have to leave and he stays there.

      I go inside a different house... I walk outside and sit on the porch and some guy who apparently is a math tutor comes up to me and starts talking in gibberish about math. I see a car pull up and inside is my best friend from years ago. I've been thinking about her a lot lately because I haven't seen her since her dad was murdered - her and her family kind of disappeared. As she got out of the car I ran to her and she seemed to not quite recognize me. Finally she starts to remember who I am and we wander off away from her family (her dad was there too).

      We go and sit in my room and start peeking inside of this giant box that has appeared in my room. There are strange movies playing inside and we keep talking together about how life is better when you close your eyes and open them for small instants, like taking pictures of life because it's always better through the image. I haven't seen her in so long and I think it's so crazy that she's showed up at my house. She starts talking about an old friend we used to hang out with and I remember that he died a few years ago of cancer when he was 21. I tell her this and she cries in my arms.
    14. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 02:00 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm in a room with Donald - someone is letting us stay there. It's a relatively nice room with a huge bed and everything is plush and cozy. There's a sliding glass door that I exit out of and go stand on a covered patio that is in the middle of the house. I hear some people crying out with french accents to let them out of a room they are trapped in. For some reason I decide not to help them. I open a random door which leads me back to the room Donald is in.

      A pastor of some sort lives at the house and wants us to go to his sermon. Apparently I'm related to him.

      We get to his sermon and there's a huge stage divided in two - on the left there's a huge banner that says good, the right one that says evil. Beneath a giant curtain are two small holes that look like you can climb into them from under the signs.

      For some reason I think it's a good idea to climb beneath a table. There's another girl there along with a bunch of cats. I notice one cat seems to have my ID card in its mouth and I go to take it out. "No," the girl shouts.
      "What? The cat has my ID," I reply.
      "The cat has severed it's tongue with your ID," she cried out at me, her eyes wild.

      I carry the cat over to the pastor dude and try to get some answers. He removes my ID from its mouth and hands it to me. Then he walks slowly to the stage holding the cat and pushes it down the hole beneath the "Evil" sign.

      Next, we have to all go pick a hole to climb into. I pick "Good" and enter the hole.

      I'm on a giant roller coaster except it's more like a slide. It's definitely more like a roller coaster than a slide, but it lacks seats and instead really is a giant slide. It was blue. I fell off at the top of one of the really huge mounds and gently drifted to the ground.

      Everyone who had been in the sermon thing was all standing around. It appeared we needed to find a place for all of us to sleep for the night.

      We found a huge room filled with beds. I picked out the crappiest bed there and got the crappiest blanket. For some reason I was in a really bad mood. I remember thinking, "fuck my life," and then a little later when a gay guy approached me I simply said, "not right now, my life is hell."

      They were serving chicken and kept bugging me to eat some food. I kept trying to explain that I'm a vegetarian. I decided to leave and find some food for myself because I was very hungry.

      I ended up in some 24 hour dingy Thai resteraunt. There were humming neon signs everywhere and I soon found myself busy trying to explain I was a vegetarian in thai. The old woman behind the counter got that and then I began by saying, "dorn gon ca," signaling that I wanted my food spicy. As she finished my order I placed my hands together and said, "sawadee ca" and walked off. I ended up walking past a "no customers allowed" sign, and found their fridge. Inside I found all kinds of ice cream bars that looked delicious. I found a hello kitty ice cream bar and I really wanted it so I decided to take it and run.

      Next, I've somehow teleported to my friends room. I'm looking at all of her stuff - this isn't a room I've ever been in before. I find these three huge glass beads that are shaped like feathers. I really like this purple one that she has. I think about asking her for it but instead hand it to her and tell her to make something beautiful from it.

      I waited far too long to write this dream down - I had it the day before yesterday. The whole thing was really eerie and slow.
    15. Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

      by , 06-10-2010 at 01:57 AM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
      I'm walking through a really nice neighborhood to meet some friends. I am standing in front of a really beautiful old victorian home that has several towers leering up at me that seem to almost hit the clouds.

      Several people come out of the house, all my age - none of whom I know in real life. They invite me to come stay with them. They show me around to where they live and take me around back through all these dilapidated fences and into little studio apartments. They take me up to one of the towers and I put my things down in a well furnished, cozy room with a window overlooking the neighborhood.

      In the morning, a boy comes up and asked if I had been robbed to which I reply I hadn't. The entire rest of the house had been torn to shreds and everyone else had had their rooms ransacked. Mine was in perfect condition, and we all agreed that the robber must have overlooked my room due to the fact that it was hidden so well.

      Later, I went out with a friend and we didn't have our ID's on us - we wanted to go to bars. Every time we were walking out side cops would stop and harass us. At one point we went back to our house to retrieve our ID's and I remember looking through a box where I had all of my friends ID's. I was looking them over and wondering why I had them.

      I ended up in a bar with my mom and she wanted me to try some coffee drink that was three layers with foam on top that never melted. She wanted me to come see Billy Idol with us. Tickets were 70 bucks so no one else could afford to go.

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