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    Father's baby lucid

    by , 08-11-2012 at 06:46 AM (659 Views)
    I was at some family function with my father and sister. Maybe golf, something about a wedding. Then I was in a car, discussing banks and the price of food with my family. My dad expressed that he was tired.

    The dream jumps to a house. My sister and I hear that our father just had a baby. We're extremely confused, and discuss the possibilities: perhaps our mother had had a female ejaculation, and the egg happened to land in his penis? There was an image with that too. That was a very strange image. My dad came out of his bedroom and explained to us that he did not give birth to a baby. He merely found the baby in a plastic bag. My grandmother laments over the fact that the baby is not European.

    My sister and I talk in the second floor hallway, and then we hear someone talking on the first floor. It was a woman, and she seemed to be talking on a cell phone, describing how she had just broken into our house. My sister and I exchanged glances and fled into our respective bedrooms and locking the doors, hoping she'd choose to leave.

    I decided to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and started talking to a friend of mine. I suddenly realized that the baby thing was really ridiculous. I think there was a second thing that tipped me off, but I don't remember.

    I performed the nose plug and became lucid. I stared at my hands very briefly, and then quickly remembered that I wanted to try CALD. There was a girl in front of me. I called out to her, "Sith!" I might have been floating, I remember reaching my arm out to her.

    I woke up. I suspect I either became lucid at the end of my REM cycle, or I got too excited.

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