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    First LD - 4/5/12

    by , 04-10-2012 at 03:20 AM (709 Views)
    I started recording my dreams about a month ago, but did take a two week break as I went on vacation. On the 5th, I thought "I will realize I'm dreaming" ad nauseum while I was trying to fall asleep.

    I remember nothing for a brief time, as I presumably fell asleep, then was suddenly standing by the side of a pool. Normally I never remember starting a dream, nor do I ever realize I just appeared at one spot. I gasped and thought to myself "I'm DREAMING." As soon as I realized this, my body tingled with energy and excitement. I felt as though I was the dream world. I was the world, and so I felt the energy of the world in my body, it felt so exhilarating. It only lasted a moment, then I woke up. I think everything became blurry or white.

    I'm not surprised by such a short first LD, but I do hope I have more soon so I can adjust to the excitement more easily. I will be sad if it takes another month to have a second LD.
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    1. Saizo's Avatar
      Congrats on your first lucid! Next time, try to contain your excitement and focus on your surroundings!
    2. Caenis's Avatar
      Thank you, Saizo. I'll try. I didn't realize I would become so excited from realizing I was dreaming. I'll be more prepared next time!
    3. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Good job on having your first lucid dream Caenis! It does get easier, the frequency and the control. Glad you're taking the class