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    Grandmom adventure turns lucid

    by , 05-30-2012 at 12:19 AM (426 Views)
    My grandmother allowed my sisters and I to stay at her house and watch TV until her favorite shows came on. Ten minutes before her favorite show airs, we pile into her car and she takes us to a hospital. We didn't go inside, we just walked around the grounds. The hospital looked like my old house, and the hospital was next to Barry Street. Barry is my father's name. I was extremely confused for a moment in the dream.

    On the hospital grounds an old man was performing a marriage ceremony for two cats. We met up with my parents. My sisters decided to go into my grandmom's car, and I my parents'. I realized in the car that my sisters were being driven straight home, while my parents were going out to Lowe's. Inconvenient, since I had to pee.

    I have no idea how I became lucid. I did the noseplug, and that was successful the first try. By that point it was very dark, I thought maybe I had woken up. I tried imaging myself rubbing my hands togetherónothing. I was afraid of moving my real body or fully waking up. I decided to move what I thought was my real hands, and rather than feeling friction, they felt tingly. I was still dreaming. I stared at my palms, and I managed to stabilize my dream a little. I then counted my fingers, and there was an extra on my left hand.

    I remember also reading text as an RC. I was on a crowded bus; someone had hairy lumps on his chest/chin. I donít remember what device I was reading off of, but when I glanced at it a second and third time, the sentence that initially made sense turned into nonsense. I decided to float out of the roof of the bus.

    I also decided to crawl around the place, it helped a little in stabilizing my dream more. I felt a little bit of sensation on my limbs, but not as much as I would expect. I had to focus on how everything feels in order to feel any sensation.

    So I decided to do some metal bending. I did it simply with thought, and donít do any cool moves with it, so it was not as exciting as I thought it would be. I decided then to fly. I sprouted wings and took off. I couldnít feel my wings, and had to focus on their movements if I wanted to feel them at all. I felt no air movement while I was flying. I flew around a fort, and I saw some monster decoration on the ground. I saw two other men flying with bows and arrows. I began following one, but then realized that I could summon my fiancť! I saw a portal next to me and threw myself into it, tumbling. I was in darkness again, and rather than stabilizing I decided to wake up.

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