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    1. March 24, 2024 7:02 am

      by , 03-24-2024 at 08:24 AM
      I subscribed to a Patreon type of service from a Dutch musician I like, it came with a perk that gave me access to a wooden chair that would float up into the sky. It didn't have straps or anything, I just had to hold onto the chair as it kept floating higher. Eventually it would reach the stratosphere where I would feel the burning sensation in my body as I felt my bones freeze for a split second before the chair would turn right back down, landing as if nothing had happened.

      10/10, would subscribe again!

      As I landed, I went to a German thrift store where I apparently worked as a cashier where they still paid with cash out of a small box instead of a cash register and had to calculate the change while a large queue of people was waiting. A customer gave me 150 in cash for a 38,40 book and I had to pull out my phone calculator. I woke up before I could finish calculating.

      Cashier experience was definitely influenced by my one German speaking job in Berlin where I worked at a classical music festival as a bartender where I had more problems with calculating the change than I had with speaking German.
    2. March 15, 2024 7:44 am

      by , 03-15-2024 at 08:43 AM
      Sleeping in a comfy hotel bed in Berlin with complete privacy instead of having family or roommates.

      My dream initially started with me entering a hotel room, much different looking than where I'm currently staying. Kinda like a building you'd create in Minecraft and somewhat reminded me of the hotel in Wijk aan Zee where I stayed at with my family in 2010 and drank coffee for the first time at the age of 12 which then became my to-go drink for the next 12 years.
      I constantly remind myself to not forget my card as I leave my room. Exploring the area around the hotel, it's a flat grassy land like those old videogames had, colours resembling that of retro Halo grass maps.

      I go outside and I'm in this "space park" with climbing frames and rocket statues that double as bathroom. I have to go to the bathroom so I climb up the ladder with one hand while holding my pet cat Luna in the other (while somehow maintaining my balance and not falling off while letting go of the ladder to get the next step. Each bathroom I'm attending I'm surrounded by people outside and despite the toilet being inside a spaceship cockpit with those one way reflective windows, I feel like I'm being stared at and don't go. I walk out of the space park and end up in this street from Amsterdam which is set in the 70s-90s as sound has a VHS quality and everyone speaks in a much thicker Amsterdam accent. I then see this man walk into an alley which I magically remember (in dream universe) as this back entrance for a theatre where I would go with my theatre group from 2017-2019.

      I then woke up from my alarm clock with 7 hours and 58 minutes of sleep!
    3. February 29, 2024 ?:?? am

      by , 03-01-2024 at 01:07 AM
      Last time sleeping in my apartment in Berlin, moving out today.

      Kept having the same dream about turning in my keys and catching the train home before waking up every ten minutes, except each dream the locations looked differently, sometimes I'd miss the train, or a woman being an imaginary family member of my mom's side would show up.