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    April 6, 2023 7:33 am

    by , 04-06-2023 at 06:53 AM (174 Views)
    I fell asleep without setting an alarm clock today. Woke up on time and realised I just fell asleep.

    That dream was very short and about me meeting an experimental musician I saw perform live a few weeks ago. She had a new song out and it had a Spotify canvas of a video filmed from underneath her looking right into her skirt
    That was especially weird because I deleted Spotify over a year ago.

    I then woke up at 6:30 am and remembered I was going to work at my home office today anyways (I was going to be late if I went to work on site today)
    so I set the alarm for 40 more minutes.

    I can't recall my dream of any but was still so tired I feel right back asleep after turning off the alarm, oops.

    During this dream I was dreaming about there being a supermarket across the place I live at and me cleaning the floor with a broom. My friend from Luxembourg showed up and asked me if I worked here when in some hilariously meta moment I realised that I had a job and needed to clock in ASAP. I went back home to my home office to log in and woke up, still on time fortunately.

    Shout out capitalism fr

    This dream was in English.

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