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    April 9, 2923 11:45 am

    by , 04-09-2023 at 11:03 AM (218 Views)
    Spent the entire night wanting to party but instead ending up walking all around Berlin to see which clubs were open to not deciding to go clubbing anymore at all around 6 am.

    The dream
    We had rehearsals for a play at theatre school, quite similar to our first play, it was about a talent show, directed by the same teacher who was the director of the first play. I played one of the assistants. The set consisted of a stage as well as a river around the state, but upon having to play a scene where we save the lead from drowning and me doing a cannonball into the river, we discover that the river is actually not that deep at all, ow.
    In the river, we do a scene where we dance while the lead sings to Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys.

    I then have a solo scene where I sing Hello by Adele while the original song with vocals plays in the background. Partially as a joke as I cannot sing at all. The director said she liked it that way.

    Around this scene I wake up.

    This dream was in Dutch.

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