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    January 10, 2022 6:59 am

    by , 01-10-2022 at 07:28 AM (180 Views)
    I went to the cinema for the viewing of my old AV classmates, I order a coffee, but this guy working there wants me to play a game of pretend with his candyfloss machine. I tell him it's a very rare vinyl player I bought from the Warp Records Bandcamp. The coffee machine was broken and he refused to give me coffee. As this was happening, I was actually drinking a cup of coffee to go from the train station, but I realise that right at that moment.

    This kid called Chris, who is allegedly the ex of my classmate, tells me how cool I am. I later see him in the room during the viewing. We're watching films from the class. Even mine apparently as it it were the community college internship presentations all over again. When my film started playing, Chris walks to open the window that blocks the CRT my video was playing on. Chris sits in the bleachers loudly talking about how he just noticed he has 30k on his bank account. His ex tells him to shut up, he then flashes his phone at us showing us his savings account called "interesting facts" with even more money.

    In my video, I talk about festivals I apparently have been to. I mention some like Burning Man, and I keep hearing cheering people in the background.

    A kid entered my room and placed a box of tissues with a printed NFT token on my bookshelf, he goes downstairs where he gets picked up by his mom and dad, I asked them if they broke into my house and they just laugh and say no before they leave. I ask Ross Geller from Friends, who was reading the newspaper on my couch, if he noticed someone breaking in and he also laughed saying no.

    That's when I woke up. That actually happened at this exact moment and felt so real that I'm afraid to sleep now.
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