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    June 20, 2023 9:25 pm

    by , 06-20-2023 at 09:00 PM (185 Views)
    Three hours of sleep before work, immediately went back to sleep after work. I never plan to, it's just a bad habit and an unfortunate effect from being overworked. If all goes to plan, I'd have a month of 40 hours/week left, hopefully!

    Also, I drank more apple juice, two bottles!

    I dreamed that we had a school project about New York, and were paired up to do an assignment about New York in Utrecht. This girl was grinding her back against me the entire time the teacher explained the assignment while another teacher tried offering me Disneyland tickets which half of the class had except for me because I was broke. This girl I paired up with briefly looked like my colleague from my job, before looking like this girl from 4th grade that I was constantly beefing with (it was one-sided and I'm very embarrassed about how I behaved towards her) she randomly brought up that I should visit my dad with her and watch his surprise seeing me with her.

    We briefly stop at a McDonalds with a terrace looking exactly like this open air club I was at the other day, because she wanted to return food she ordered or something. Meanwhile I'm taking a nap on the backseat of a car I borrowed, but didn't lock. I wake up and noticed that, although no damaged windows, the car was broken into and things beneath the chairs were taken.

    I also notice that the car barely starts up and look for a gas station nearby, after my brain errors in my dream and refusing to let me look at my phone screen property with Google maps glitching and zooming in and out too extremely, I finally see a gas station nearby at the end of the park road I was parked in. However a conflict comes up which I have had multiple recurring dreams about: I am left alone with my parent's car at a random place and need to move it, but I don't have a driver's license as I don't know how to drive! I keep thinking about whether I should take the risk and just attempt to drive that last bit of the car and hope I don't get caught if I drive correctly.

    I call my mom to explain the situation of me having to move the car. I leave the car behind on the park while another car in the background ironically gets towed, I go to my family home andy mom made a plan which includes a living Golden Retriever dog hidden in a statue made out of apples as a distraction decoy, while a fictional old antisocial neighbour I have gets in the car and drives it away. The neighbour dislikes going outside and this whole detailed plan was made for him to get into the car while avoiding any form of social interaction. My mom then tells me to bring a college essay, I quickly print one before leaving the house.

    I for whatever reason had this small model of office buildings in my home office in my apartment where I kept my work supplies, which was a visual I briefly saw moments before realising I was dreaming and didn't have to go through with the extremely detailed plan.

    Dream was in Dutch.
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