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    March 31, 2023 5:30 am

    by , 03-31-2023 at 05:10 AM (194 Views)
    Archie from Riverdale tries to get with Veronica, in order to win her heart, she wants a photo of my Eastern European roommate and her girlfriend in front of a painting drawn on a hanging bed sheet hanging in our apartment (both of which aren't my real roommates but only exist in the dream)

    Archie asks me if I can get a picture, I come home and the painting is torn apart, but nevermind that, my roommate yells her that uee girlfriend has gone missing m, she wqs last spotted in Amsterdam.

    My roommate and I to a fashion school in Amsterdam fo check fody here. She's not here and my roommate keeps searching.
    A mysterious wonan holds my arm and starts guessing my sizes. After getting all sized correct, she asks if I wanted to last minute replace on of her models that didn't turn up. I accept and tell my roommate I have to quit the search aa I got scouted, she wasn't happy with the news.

    I go to the set, and am in a dressings room with different models. I get given w pretty normal set of clothes to wear; White shirt and black jeans, but then have to wear a Duck mask and weird flipper type of shoes with a aligned balls betheath it which makes it very hard to walk on those shoes in balance. After seeing the other "duck" models walk towards the set, I join them just to discover we're in some sort of theatre play/dinner show, and only on the first act of what's going to be hours worth of seasons (we were just at winter) After improvising to the model scouts singing scenes, I return backstage where a girl from theatre school asks how long it is until the summer act so she can finally have her singing scene.

    Meanwhile, my fictional Eastern European roommate found her girlfriend as she had her GPS tracker in her phone all this time gets closer to hear girlfriend and I can track her location through my job (not actually in real life) and tell her I know where she is but can't tell her due to data protection laws (This is like my job in real life).

    I then wake up.

    I watched the newest Riverdale season yesterday, didn't expect it to be THAT memorable lol

    This dream was in English, I think the part with my theatre school classmate was in Dutch, though.

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