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    May 2, 2021

    by , 05-03-2021 at 12:00 AM (208 Views)
    Had this dream during a nappy while I had a raging headache and my neighbours were having a birthday party in the room next to mine.

    I was at the old preschool of my elementary school. Same building, entrance front yard, etc. I saw a teacher there that looked an awful lot like a guy I had played in a theatre production with. But he kept denying it was him and had glasses and a different voice. However, he looked so similar that even people in my dream acknowledged it

    I then realised that I was at the terrain of my school despite the fact that I had graduated already and I had no business being there. I decided to leave through the forest in the schoolyard. (I remembered my old elementary school prior to this one having a large fence that I could climb over)
    The elementary school's schoolyard and forest were twice as big and there were no paths which made me lose direction at some point. I saw a graveyard, but with wooden planks instead of gravestones in the schoolyard forest. There was a sign that said 2017, I tried checking it out, but heard someone knocking on the windows in the school building behind me, I turn around and wake up.

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    1. CaesarVD's Avatar
      "during a nappy" Curse you SwiftKey lol

      I like that description, though. Keeping it!