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    November 14, 2023 10:?? am

    by , 11-14-2023 at 10:52 AM (102 Views)
    It was the last day of elementary school, a lot of festivities and performances were planned in the gymnasium, me along with three other kids, one being a girl I had a crush on during 5th - 6th grade, another being my current best friend I didn't even know back then, and I think the last one was the girl's best friend. We did a short skit, or performance that was maybe three minutes long or something followed by us dancing to either Barbie Girl or a song from the Dutch girlband K3 as ending/credits as the audience would give us an applause! However, we would just continue dancing for the entire song while they kept applauding. We would've done so for the entire 7(?) minute run of the song, but eventually decided to gather in front of the audience and bow, my theatre school instincts kicked in to say "Yes!" as we bowed.

    We then leave the gymnasium and decide backstage to hang out together instead of attending the rest of the event (considering it was primary school, it was literally early in the afternoon) We then decided to go to the city, my crush asking me where I live to see if it was possible. Although I was thinking like my current age self while supposedly being a prospective 7th grader, I was still convinced I lived in Utrecht rather than Berlin where I currently live so I'd be good. We went to a supermarket nearby to get some food, but I woke up.

    Curse you brain for finally letting me hang out with my crush ;_;

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