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    October 5 2022 6:57 am

    by , 10-05-2022 at 06:30 AM (184 Views)
    I discover a supermarket across the tracks that has a cafe with interactive entertainment and performances, it becomes my to-go spot.

    My friends and I go there and the cafe has a trampoline-bungee jump performance that requires both performers and crew members behind the open curtains to keep balance and share weight. It looks nice, but apparently everyone behind the scenes gets frustrated and starts audibly yelling at each other, some friends and I get on a unused trampoline to distract the audience.

    My high school friends and I eat at our table after the performance. My friend who is a calm guy walks up to the counter talking to the women working there, I can't understand what he's saying until he gets frustrated and angrily calls the women "fortune tellers" which made me smirk as they wearimg "spiritual"-like outfits. My other friends and I get up knowing we're about to get kicked out. The staff compliments us for how quickly we managed to sign out as guests on the computer by the entrance.
    Now calmed down, my friend told the staff that he was dissapointed that the cafe doesn't offer hosuden, which are appartently the remedy for his allergies as he said his dog could smell it when he walks with him. Meanwhile, I struggle to get my two jackets on.

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