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    Love and Strangeness

    by , 12-19-2015 at 02:36 AM (241 Views)
    I went to check into a hotel with my boyfriend and he told the person at the check-in desk that we were staying there for the whole weekend but I thought we were just staying for a night and I was stressing because I had something important to do like play some Mortal Kombat character and it was really important for some reason.

    Then I was younger and in a class but it was an outdoor class and I couldn't pay
    attention to the teacher because I was looking behind me at the beautiful scenery, a tall mountain and a sunset. The boy behind me passed me a picture. It was a picture of the mountain and sunset. Then the boy started saying really nice things to me that I liked and I was falling in love and then we were lying on a couch. I lay my head on his leg as I realized I was going to stay with him and love him forever. Then he moved up beside of me, lying beside me on the couch and I put my arms around him.

    But then something weird happens, like I am eating, but in reverse, so food is coming up my throat and turning into solid food in my mouth and I try to swallow it down but I am choking and everything is ruined and I wake up.

    Then I am with my boyfriend. We are near our apartment complex but it is different. There is a solid cement ground and a solid cement wall and my boyfriend is very drunk and yelling at some woman in the distance so I make him stop. I thought he was really going to embarrass himself. But then I wanted to see what happened if he told the woman what he wanted to tell her so I tried to encourage him to keep on yelling but he wouldn't do it.

    I had a bunch of other weird dreams that I took mental notes of but then I fell asleep and lost them.

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