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    Store Table and a Visit

    by , 12-07-2015 at 02:58 PM (251 Views)
    I was at a table in a department store and I wanted to put a tablecloth on the table.

    My boyfriend's mom randomly showed up at the apartment. I was embarrassed and it wasn't completely cleaned. She started looking around at everything and even opened the refrigerator. I was trying to pick up some dirty clothes from the living room. She started folding blankets and wanted to put them in the dresser and I had to open each drawer to show her there was no room. She showed me a picture of a random boy and said me and my boyfriend can have kids together; they will be pretty. Me and my boyfriend looked out the window while his mom was doing more nosing around the apartment.

    I was wondering what time it was because I had to go to class.

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    Tags: boyfriend, class, kids, mom