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    Take your eyeballs out and fly!

    by , 04-12-2015 at 09:06 PM (221 Views)
    I was with a large group of friends. They looked the the TV cast of uk shameless but some of them represented certain people to me. We were at the old lovers lane property in front of the barn. It was nighttime and we were just having fun. We were sitting on the ground and I got lucid and began exclaiming to the DC's that this was a dream and we could do anything. We could pop our eyes out! We could fly! Many of them tried to pop an eye out and take flight. The lucidity faded pretty quickly and I walked home because it was very late. It was 3am. I walked upstairs quietly. All the lights were on. Mom had been hanging Christmas garlands on the stairs. I knew mom and dad were sleeping. I went to take my contacts off. When I looked in the mirror I had no face. I shook my head, then I had a face but it was distorted. I went to bed.
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