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    Sleep as a Hobby

    Alas! The WILD

    by , 07-28-2012 at 06:56 PM (740 Views)

    I finally succeed in WILD which was not wild at all. ^_^
    I did not expect it to happen.
    Last night I was very tired and slept late,
    But I strongly will myself to wake up between binaural beats.

    I must had been between sleep and awaken; a drowsy stage.

    I was in a mustard seed coloured room.
    I quickly did RC; bending my right hand, plugging my nose and looking at my cellp…
    It was not there.
    My smart phone with a little fur attached to it was not there.
    So I knew this must be a dream.

    After all…… I was floating.

    This is THE first time to realize I am dreaming.
    Like a person who first encountered a concept of internet,
    I was thrilled.
    I can ‘think’ as if in real life! This IS a revelation!

    However I did not want my excitement to ruin this new experience,
    So I calmed myself down.

    I moved slowly towards a ceiling with a little shelf painted in white.
    There were pottery dolls; delicate and fragile, but pretty.
    I saw them at Costco.
    They were twinkling and shining.

    I wanted to try summoning my imaginary character,
    But I must have thought too hazily. I could not do it.
    On a side of the wall, I tried drawing a window with my finger.

    I noticed a weird sensation.
    I could think fast, but my body moved like scrolling a slow moving mouse; stifling a user.

    I failed my task.
    Probably because I did not know how my imaginary character would look like.
    Not enough imagination and clarity, I stated.

    I opened my eyes from sleeping.
    It was still a middle of night, I could try another dream.
    Unfortunately I was too well asleep after that.

    But it was a nice dream.

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    Tags: first wild
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment


    1. SuperSonicFan's Avatar
      That is awesome that you had your first lucid! I have to agree, the first time I became lucid, it was like seeing the gates of Heaven or something. It was truly a revelation!
      I am glad the beats are helping you out. Keep up the good work!
      See ya.
    2. Camo's Avatar
      Gate of Heaven lol~~!!