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    Sleep as a Hobby

    Silence is a Virtue

    by , 07-31-2012 at 09:15 PM (685 Views)

    A day is cold; a girl can see her own breath of life.
    A dusty glass window beside is covered with frost,
    A little girl not older than ten is locked outside on a veranda.

    The sky is darkening to icy blue
    It is reaching for her; a cold thing, a dark thing.
    Hands as white as bone and snow
    She crouches and clenches her legs tightly
    Warmth sieves through her claws like desert sand.

    She desperately bangs a glass… locked door beside.
    Daddy, let me out! I won’t cry, let me out!
    Is he sleeping?

    Her runny nose is red like Rudolf,
    Not Santa, she whispers herself, not Santa.
    Clever girl knows it was her dad dressed in Santa.

    Shivering, she punches a sliding glass door, bang.
    Making noise might wake him up.

    But… she drops her hand feebly.
    He hates noise; he hates a child crying like a child.
    A bitter dry cold was too much for a little girl.
    Her body is numbing with stiff pain and blue,
    Her thumbs have dry crevices trickling with blood.

    He won’t let me out, till I give the right answer.
    Silence will unleash the sentence
    The obedient girl keeps her breath as silent as possible.

    Santa doesn't like crying kids.
    Only the dripping sound of tears fills the air

    Daddy let me out.

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    1. SuperSonicFan's Avatar
      That was cool how you turned the dream into a poem. Grrr, I am filled with jealousy at how much better your entries are than mine! Lol joking, although yours really are a lot better.