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    The Blizzard

    by , 12-02-2012 at 05:51 PM (843 Views)
    I made it snow in this LD, but much earlier in the dream than I'd intended! I'd like to try this one again.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #35: The Blizzard

    My friend J is showing off the contents of a huge wall safe to me and a couple of other people. The safe is about 5 feet tall and features not only a combination lock but also the dual-key system you usually find in safe deposit boxes. Each shelf is stacked with interesting little boxes. There's something dreamlike about all of this to me and I become lucid.

    I ask J, "Have you got anything really cool in there?" He motions for me to move closer. "Oh yeah. Check this out." He hands me a small piece of paper with cursive printing on it. The top of it reads: "Receipt for Money Laundering". This amuses me, but I decide not to get too stuck trying to read the rest of it. The Task of the Month (making it snow) is on my mind now and I head for some automatic doors.

    Fortunately, the automatic doors work perfectly well this time (unlike a few dreams back), and I walk through a two sets of them, repeating over and over to myself, "I'm having a lucid dream and I'm going to make it snow."

    The next room is a post office filled with dream characters waiting in line. Hell if I'm going to spend a lucid dream hanging around in the post office, so I start running. Still repeating my mantra, I go through another automatic door into a quiet, windowed reception area.

    Through the window I see that it's night outside and a fierce blizzard is swirling outside. There's a road outside and the headlights of passing cars illuminate twisting snow eddies. An 18-wheeler roars by and blows its horn for no apparent reason. The snowfall is so thick that the truck disappears quickly after passing.

    I try to head for the building's exit, but it's extremely hard to move. Even though I can't feel the cold winds outside, somehow they're affecting things inside the reception area. I lean into "wind" that I can't even feel, trying to push forward outside into the actual blizzard. It occurs to me that I'm trying to get better at flowing with adversity in lucid dreams, especially adversity in the form of wind. My brute force progress is slow, but I make it close to the exit. Before I make it out, though,
    I wake up.

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