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    CL and the Beanstalk

    by , 02-26-2014 at 04:30 PM (1115 Views)
    Very close call on Task of the Year! I'll definitely have to go for this one again.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #188: CL and the Beanstalk

    I WILD into a scene filled with fleeting hypnagogic imagery which quickly fades into the void. I start waving my dream-hands in a repetitive motion, waiting for a scene to form. Nothing happens right away, though, so I start licking my fingers for a while to see if that works.

    Nothingís shaping up yet, though, so I try seeing how far I can stick my tongue out. I can feel it extending outward from my mouth seemingly on and on, and after a few moments I can vaguely see it extending away from my face into the distance. Curious how large I can make it, I will the tongue to expand and it balloons out in a huge, rectangular shape as large as a room. After a couple of seconds, I can see that yes, it actually is a roomÖ

    Now Iím standing high up in an office building, looking out over a city skyline through enormous windows. Itís late afternoon. I enjoy the sight of the skyline for a moment, rubbing my hands together.

    As Iím doing this, a helicopter rises into view from below my line of sight, turns itself directly toward me, and opens fire with dual-mounted miniguns.

    The office windows shatter and I feel myself being pelted with glass and bullets. Thereís no pain, but each impact feels like a definitive hit. I know that itís a dream but I canít stop myself from shying from the window, crouching down, and nearly cowering. I hold my hand out toward the helicopter then swipe it quickly to the right, flinging it away from the building and out of sight.

    The wrecked office is filled with random debris now, and I make my way past it to stand at the edge of the now-empty window. I recall Task of the Year (find and plant some magic beans, climb the beanstalk, and defeat the giant at the top.) My immediate goal is to get back to ground level, so I instinctively point to a lower rooftop perhaps 7 or 8 stories down and will myself to float to it. It works and Iím pulled smoothly down.

    Now Iím really enthused about this pointing thing, so I point at the street below, once again pulling myself down. Iím filled with confidence after this, so I just start knocking out Task of the Year steps as quickly as I can.

    I need bare earth, so I scoop the roadway aside, leaving a bowl-shaped hollow for my seed. I close and then open my hand, expecting the seed to be there. It is! (Looks like a pine nut.) I stuff the seed in the hole, cover it over with dirt and pat it down. A stalk immediately starts growing out of the ground and I jump onto it as it goes by. The stalkís growing fast and since I hitched a ride so early, the plantís doing the climbing for me.

    I streak past the nearby buildings and head into the clouds. Immediately a shirtless, ape-like giant with a long beard comes loping toward me, about 100 feet away. Iím preparing to do something violent and decisive to make absolutely certain that I nail Task of the Year, but excitement gets the best of me. The scene collapses
    into a false awakening back in my bedroom.

    I need to use the bathroom, so I get out of bed, head in there, and start peeing. My aim is terrible and I keep hitting the seat, the floor, the tank, everything but what Iím aiming at. This really frustrates me and I assume that I must be super tired.

    Just then I notice a strange, robotic laundry machine sloshing water onto the floor. Its label indicates that itís some kind of diaper-washing contraption. Our kids barely use any diapers these days so I wonder why we have it and why itís here flooding our bathroom.

    My 2-year-old son R walks into the room, followed soon after by a sleepy-looking Wife. Her hair is standing up in all kinds of crazy directions, including one nearly two-foot spike thatís going straight up. ďYour hair is pretty awesome right now,Ē I tell her. She giggles and checks herself out in the mirror. We have a good laugh about this until
    the dream ends.

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    1. Bharmo's Avatar
      Congrats on triple LD!
      Wow, you were really close on that TOTY, I was impressed on the super-efficient approach, you almost nailed really fast! Did you plan/incubate that?
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, dreambh! I had definitely planned to do the task but hadn't really visualized the specific steps too much. Maybe the fact that there are a lot of steps helped really keep me on a fast pace. You kind of have to get moving before you forget everything!
    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Very cool WILD!!! You got a lot done towards the TOTY goal and it must have been a blast! What steps/techniques did you use for this WILD? Funny, you flooding the bathroom with your bad aim may have brought on the other source of flooding in your dreaming mind.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks fogelbise! I decided to go with my all-time best supplement stack for this one, so it was galantamine, menthol, and a little bit of caffeine. Then just laying on my side, relaxing, and doing everything I can to drift off. Made for a great ride!

      Ha ha, I wouldn't be surprised if it did. When I got up from this one I really had to pee too!
      fogelbise likes this.
    5. Highlander's Avatar
      Congratulations CL regarding the WILD and the TOTY attempt.

      The tongue part was cool and crazy at the same time.
      Mismagius likes this.
    6. Mismagius's Avatar
      Very cool lucid!

      I love how you rode the bean stalk like an elevator, reminds me of super mario games. I'll have to remember to do that when I try for this task And I think using your tongue to change the dream scene is a first

      The point and zoom seems like a good way to mini-teleport to nearby places. It reminds me of Hyu's "blinking" technique.

      I licked my fingers once to try stabilizing the dream. At that point I don't think I had read it anywhere on DV, so I don't know what made me think of doing that
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    7. NyxCC's Avatar
      I'm was looking forward to reading this entry, but was totally unprepared to hear about your new scene summoning technique. Who would have thought?

      And it seems that just going for the toty isn't enough nowadays. You've got to be attacked and shot at as a test for your resolve. Well done getting rid of that helicopter!

      Love the pulling tech too! Isn't it cool how after so many dreams we still come up with new stuff?

      Also, very effective attack on TOTY! Surely that giant had no chance against you, so he had to cast a pee spell.
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    8. fogelbise's Avatar
      FryingMan may be interested in what you combine with G, it sounds effective. He has been trying a cocktail recommended by an author: Yutschak(?). I will try to remember to mention this to him.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    9. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Mismagius - Wow, you are exactly right! The effect really is so much like the old Super Mario Brothers games! That hadn't occurred to me until you mentioned it but that's very true. This was very much like the unique "fast rise" take on the beanstalk motif in those games.

      Hmm, I hadn't heard of Hyu's blinking technique before! Is it a blink kind of like in the "Dishonored" game? Because that's a skill I'd love get good at.

      And ha, glad I'm not along on the finger licking. I used to lick my arm sometimes. I have no idea where these weird ideas come from but I just go casting around for sensory ideas and next thing you know I'm licking my arm while flicking myself on the forehead.
      Mismagius likes this.
    10. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @NyxCC - Thanks, Nyx! Yes, ha ha, the summoning/teleporting/transformation/whatever tongue thing was definitely a new one on me!

      Yeah, I was very excited about the pointing/pulling, enough to where I was able to remember it for subsequent dreams. I really have high hopes for it because it seemed like such a reliable way to direct my intent in flight. It sort of acts as a visual reminder that perhaps prevented me from losing focus and drifting off in some random direction, which is always a big help.

      LOL @ the pee spell. Those clever giants. That trick isn't working on me twice! Still looking to follow your example and nail one of these tasks!

      @fogelbise - Ah okay, sure! I actually find a basic variant of Yuschak's stack very effective as well. This combo just takes it to the next level for me.
      NyxCC and fogelbise like this.
    11. Mismagius's Avatar
      Yeah it is like that actually! By the way, Dishonored looks like an awesome game! :O Looks kind of Bioshock-esque.

      Haha, maybe it's some kind of lucid dreaming instinct
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    12. Sibyline's Avatar
      That's brilliant, CL! Especially pointing at where you want to go, that's really novel and seems like it might work for anyone. And the beanstalk elevator was a nice touch too. I predict that you will complete all TOTY this year.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    13. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Mismagius - Yeah, I really enjoyed Dishonored, particularly in how flexible the playstyle can be. I played through it pure stealth, killing only 2-3 people that really had it coming, but a friend of mine played it like a rampaging psycho and also had a great time. The city and gameplay wind up reflecting the style you choose.

      @Sibyline - Thanks, Sibyline, I was really jazzed about the pointing thing too. If I can just remember it, I am going to try it as often as possible. This could be the trick I've been looking for to correct all those little travel glitches I've hit from time to time.

      And thanks for the encouragement on Task of the Year! I haven't been able to get on the board so far but I really hope I can make it happen!
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    14. Sibyline's Avatar
      It really pays off to lurk on your DJ. You come up with really useful things.

      I only have today left in the Lucid task club, so I just went crazy and threw in a batch of ideas for next year's TOTY. So now I'll really have to get those off my mind again and get back to this year's. I think I got over my nervousness about the Mermaid task after performing heart surgery on myself yesterday, so I'm good to go.
      Mismagius and CanisLucidus like this.
    15. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Wow! Heart surgery?? Sounds like someone came in just under the wire for February's Task of the Month! Great job, Sibyline, I'm looking forward to checking out your entry!

      And Task of the Year ideas, sweet. I need to go read those... and then immediately try to forget them for the reasons you just mentioned.
      Sibyline likes this.
    16. NyxCC's Avatar
      Yeah, I was very excited about the pointing/pulling, enough to where I was able to remember it for subsequent dreams
      That's so awesome! Come to think about it you are really good when it comes to moving around whether it's flying, hulk jumping, gliding, zooming in and now the point pull!
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    17. Xanous's Avatar
      I had a long reply but my tablet ate it so here's short hand.
      Nice. I'm trying the tongue. Helicopter was like the matrix. I want to TOTY now.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    18. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha ha, thanks dude! Man I know the feeling when a nice, long reply gets eaten.

      The tongue thing was super weird but the results were great (if completely accidental!) Just goes to show how malleable the dreamscape really is.

      Do it, man! I'm looking forward to you tearing up these TOTY's!
      Xanous likes this.
    19. Xanous's Avatar
      I just need to get excited about tasks again! I've been doing my own goals so much and too much freestyle LDing where I end up kicking my young niece down the stairs.
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