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    by , 02-11-2014 at 03:03 PM (745 Views)
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    Lucid #185: Kaleidoscope

    Itís morning time and Iím preparing to give my 2-year-old son ďRĒ a shower. This strikes me as strange because R usually takes baths and Wifeís the one who usually bathes him. I dimly recall my intent to have a lucid dream and after thinking for a moment, accept that Iím having one right now.

    The layout of the roomís exactly like waking life (so far as I can tell) and thereís a window high on the wall near the shower. I hop up to it, plant my hands on the sill, and phase my head and shoulders through to the outside. Itís morning, just after dawn, and the sky glows reddish-orange.

    As Iím preparing to fly off, R says, ďDaddy, I want to go with you but I donít know how to do that.Ē (I take this to mean that he doesnít know how to phase.)

    ďThatís okay, buddy,Ē I respond. ďThis is a dream.Ē

    For some reason I have a surge of anxiety that the dream wonít stay stable and of course my vision gets a little crazy. I leap the rest of the way through the glass and fly for just a moment before I freeze in mid-air. Seconds later, my vision goes black and Iím in the void.

    I rub my hands together for a moment and then decide to change scenes by plummeting downward to the ground that I imagine is still outside. I go rocketing downward but as I hit what would be the ground, thereís a ďwhomp!Ē sound and a puff of air as I pass right through. I continue accelerating faster and faster until I crash intoÖ

    ...my bed. Iím lying on my stomach, my head turned to the left. My eyes are closed and it completely feels like Iím awake, but Iím suspicious, so I try to see through my eyelids. This works and after a few seconds Iím looking out at my bedroom. The center portion of my vision swirls and blends together like a kaleidoscope. I wonder if the effect will change if I open my eyes, but I decide not to mess with anything just now.

    I will myself to roll out of my body and transition into an OBE, but I canít seem to make it happen. The kaleidoscope vision effect continues for a while until
    the dream eventually fades out.
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    1. Xanous's Avatar
      Psychedelic! Welcome to my world.
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha! That's right, maaaaaan. You know, that's true, that was a kinda Xanous-y dream, especially emerging a few times in the super-realistic house.

      I think I could go for my house looking a little less real and being easier to escape.
    3. Xanous's Avatar
      Ugh tell me about it. I almost want to avoid WILDs for a while. It gets mentally exhausting.
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld! Really good idea to imagine falling down to what was there before the blackout. I can totally relate to that accelerating in the void feeling, it can be quite bothersome when it goes on an on. Good thing your dream bed was there to bail you out and helped you to keep dreaming. Maybe this can be a practical alterantive void solution - just bump into something!

      And wow that psychedelic vision! You've got to start painting these!
    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, Nyx! You know, that's actually a great idea for accelerating through the void. If we expect to come crashing into some particular thing (whatever our latest dream goal happens to be), that's likely to be what we hit. I think it could be especially effective if we got into that wincing "brace for impact" mindset.

      I sure do wish I could paint, especially if I could paint even close to as vividly as I dream!
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    6. Highlander's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucid CL.

      Sounds one heck of a ride. The kaleidoscope effect sounded great!

      @ NyxCC - I just noticed I nicked your icon.
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      Updated 02-13-2014 at 03:00 PM by Highlander
    7. fogelbise's Avatar
      Great job catching the FA as well despite the realistic feeling of having woken up back in bed!
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