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    The Struggling Artist

    by , 10-28-2014 at 03:28 PM (647 Views)
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    Lucid #252: The Struggling Artist

    Iím power-walking up a hill with Mom, describing a dream from earlier in the night where sheíd had me take her to a spooky house to ghost-hunt. ďThatís just over the hill!Ē she says, and as she walks up ahead, I become lucid.

    She speeds away over the hill, which now looks oddly vertical and impassable. When I follow the line of the hill all the way up, I see a ceiling, and realize that Iím now indoors. It looks very much like my childhood home. I remember my intent to try bonus Task of the Month (play an instrument that doesnít exist in waking life) with Dreamer, so I attempt a summon, saying something about how now weíre going to do the concert that we talked about. I also dimly recall that Dreamer is actually playing music right now in waking life. (True!)

    I try a few different varieties of summon, first assuming sheís there, then reaching my hand behind my back, and finally the old ďspin around, there you are!Ē Each time, I get a flicker of presence but Iím just not able to properly finish the summon. I wander into a version of my parentsí bedroom and I see Dad snoozing on his right side. Through the window I see that itís morning outside.

    I still want to try playing a dream instrument, so I hook my right pinky and left thumb together to form a pantomime trumpet. I blast a few notes into this ďtrumpetĒ and it sounds like very realistic but very, very poor trumpet-playing. Iím pleased that I made some dream music this way, but I still donít consider this to be the success that I was going for.

    I walk past my blissfully snoring dad to the window and start phasing through. I briefly get hung up on the mini-blinds but after a moment of calming down, Iím all the way through. I drift down to the ground (for some reason Iím on the second floor, unlike waking life where this room would be on the ground floor.) I again attempt to summon Dreamer, by imagining that sheís behind me. It doesnít work, and I spin around for a few more of these attempts before deciding to focus on the instrument for a bit.

    I hover on my back for a while, looking up at the reddish early morning sky, imagining that the dream instrument will take shape in my hands. I feel a sensation like bubbles pressing gently against my fingers, but I canít seem to turn this into anything musical. I descend back to the ground, coming back to my feet again. Thereís a pine tree here like when I was a kid, and I grab a hunk of bark off of the tree in frustration and stuff it in my mouth to gnaw on it. It tastes about like youíd expect, and I blow the chunks of bark out of my mouth in a big, satisfying spray. Iím not sure what to do now and I move half-heartedly toward the deck as
    the dream ends.

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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Bad luck with the summon this time, but don't let it get you down!
      That invisible trumpet worked brilliantly, nice work!
      I can't believe how many of you guys chomp on trees these days! Was it Mzzkc who started that trend?
      I am still playing music now, haha. I'm determined to play this song through at least once with no mistakes.
      Man, you are getting lucid sooo often these days! I'm glad I have your dreams to get me through my dry spell.
      fogelbise and CanisLucidus like this.
    2. Oddium's Avatar
      It's pretty cool that you were able to use your hands as an instrument!
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Dreamer - Thanks, I know it'll come around again! Just need to get back into the right frame of mind and it'll be easy again.

      Yeah, I was pleased with the invisible trumpet, especially the fact that it played! Even if that play was completely awful, ha ha... What I'm really going for in this task is something like yours where there's a complete creation, visuals and all, of an instrument I've never seen before. And I just know that you were carrying one around ready to go, if I'd only gotten this summon.

      Ha ha, I don't know where the tree-eating thing came from originally, but I sometimes find myself tossing junk like tree bark, pieces of rock, and dirt into my mouth and chowing down. I had one dream a while back where I tasted a black rock and it was delicious! I wonder if that means I'll always be halfway tempted to sample the dreamscape for goodies. =)

      Really cool that you're still playing (or were when you posted.) Would have been awesome if I'd managed to nail this task and we literally could have been playing in the LD at the same time you're playing the song in waking life! Off the charts cool!

      Thanks for the kind words on my lucidity, I appreciate it! I've really been enjoying the recent uptick in frequency. Helps keep me relaxed about little dream control glitches and misfires!

      @Oddium - Thanks, Oddium, I appreciate it! I've been enjoying taking LDs in a musical direction recently.
    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld! I know you weren't happy with the result of your work, but I think you deserve the bonus wings for this invisible trumpet. Or are you trying to convince us that such a thing exists?

      The bark chewing was cool.
      fogelbise and CanisLucidus like this.
    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, Nyx! Ha ha, I make no claims to be in possession of an invisible trumpet IWL, you've got me there. I think that I want to really see what kind of instrument the dream has in store for me on this one! These free-form tasks are so much fun because you get to explore these really unique creations of the mind. The trumpet was definitely cool, but it left me still wanting to see what would take shape on a completely blank canvas.

      Hee hee hee, I've no idea what came over me with the bark! I get some rather surprising impulses sometimes!
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    6. fogelbise's Avatar
      Cool lucid! It is interesting how the dream changes with the thoughts and memories flowing through the moment. That is something that I didn't catch so much early on. That transition of walking outside and seeing the ceiling and transitioning indoors and perhaps also the connection with walking with your Mom bringing you to an indoor location you would be likely to see your Mom makes me think about how cool dreams can be. I agree with Nyx! Invisible trumpets don't exist!
      CanisLucidus and NyxCC like this.
    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, fogelbise! Yeah, you're right... it's so interesting to see the way that these things flow together and how seemingly unrelated concepts will flow together in bizarre ways, yet our minds will stitch it together and try to make some sense of it all. With lucidity we get to watch that process unfold and consciously comment on it... a pretty special experience!
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