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    by , 09-23-2014 at 01:19 PM (665 Views)
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    Lucid #240: Voices

    I’m relaxing in a cabin with Wife and my kids E and R. I step outside through a wooden door, catching a view of a beautiful, placid lake. It feels dreamlike, and when I consider my situation, I realize that I’m dreaming.

    I decide that I want to attempt the patronus task again with Dreamer to once and for all answer the question of whether I’ll produce a magnificent mythical creature… or the dreaded “pootronus” that she has promised me. Dreamer, you’re here!” I call out, but she’s nowhere to be seen.

    I walk around the edge of the lake and see a distant wooden fenceline. “Ah okay, you’re right behind that fence!” I say, and a woman steps out from behind the fence and begins walking away toward a large wooden building in the distance. She’s got purple hair, so I’m sure that it’s Dreamer!

    I hop and fly after her, ending up in the wooden building with her. She’s still somewhat distant so I call out something to her about wanting to do the patronus task. She turns around and calls out, “First say something in your accent voice!” I take this to mean that she wants me to say something in an Australian accent.

    “Let’s see how my accent voice sounds,” I say, sounding totally Aussie. Way better than waking life. I kind of talk over Dreamer saying something about “singing”, which I don’t catch.

    She grins. “Oooh, how about something in your noise voice?” I’m not sure what she means by a "noise voice" but I notice how precisely her voice matches her waking life voice. I move closer to her, thinking what a “noise voice” could be, and as I’m lost in this question, Dreamer disappears.

    I look around, calling out for her until a woman in her late 20s with glasses and dark, curly hair emerges from nearby a stack of hay. As she walks toward me, I say, “What am I worried about? You’re right over here.” She seems to be somewhat agreeable to getting transformed, but when I get close, she’s trying to say something that I can’t quite hear. I reach out but my hand passes through her shoulder.

    I keep looking, calling out here and there without much of a plan, but no DCs appear this time. I say a rather pathetic, “Come back, I miss you!” not long before
    the dream ends.

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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Ah, you and your professional voice transformations. I'm really curious about the noise voice, perhaps you could follow up in another ld, after you are done with the real pootronus.
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      LOL, the POOtronus seems to be a foregone conclusion now! You never know! My patronus may be a majestic stag or a regal wolf! (Made of poo, of course.)

      Ha ha, it wasn't as magnificent as Morgan Freeman, but I was still pleased that as usual my lucid self is better at absolutely everything than my waking self! (Except calming down and making rational decisions, of course! )

      Good idea, I can put this on the list of things to ask about! Could lead to something cool! Ooohh, could it be some kind of dream control thing??
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    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      Special dream control tool, I like that! Looking forward to it!
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    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      So close to meeting your real pootronus!! Next time, my friend!
      Thanks for summoning me, sorry I wasn't as cooperative this time!
      I wish I could hear your accent and noise voices! Maybe you can give me a waking life sample!
      And awwww, I miss you, too! Heeee, that was so cute!
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, it was fun! Pootronus on the way, no doubt about it!

      Don't worry, you were your usual amusing self. If I can remember, I may need to follow Nyx's suggestion and quiz you on what a "noise voice" is in case it's something really awesome.

      Ha ha, I guess you're right, been a while since I provided a sample of the "accent voice"! I will do so! As for a noise voice sample... hmm, I just had an interesting interpretation of what this might mean. LOL. You may be getting a sample of this as well in a few days.

      Lots to do in the next LD! Thanks for showing up to hang out in this dream! Catch you in another one soon!
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    6. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Oooooh boy, I can't WAIT to hear this noise voice!
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha ha ha... terrifying thought all the way around! I'm starting to think that this may have been the correct interpretation of this dream event about "noise voice"!

      Anyway, no time to talk! Busy helping a friend with her DV tech woes!
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    8. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I bet your friend really appreciates all the help from her super-nerd super-dreampartner DVBFF!
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    9. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Hee hee, that smiley is like looking at a mirror into my inner soul, and this one my outer appearance after not shaving for a few hours :canislucidus:

      And hey look! A DVBFF one!
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.