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    The Witch

    by , 10-04-2013 at 09:10 PM (812 Views)
    Got a Task of the Month on this one and tried to use it (unsuccessfully) for Task of the Year. Didn't manage to get them both but I'm glad I gave it a try though!

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #152: The Witch

    I'm riding in a car (driven by my friend "Leroy"), along with two other unknown passengers who are in the back seat. We're all out together on a road trip, heading down a clear highway during what looks like mid-morning. The road is steeply banked like a race track and we pass by a speed limit sign that reads "50".

    Up ahead there's a section of the road that's pitted with giant potholes. In front of us, a pick-up truck is working its way gingerly around a huge pothole that's torn up most of our side of the highway. "Be careful here," I say, pointing ahead at the pothole. But as I say this, I realize that I'm sitting on the left side of the car, Leroy on the right. Yet he's got the steering wheel over on his side, as if we're driving around in the United Kingdom or New Zealand or someplace. I
    realize that I'm dreaming, even wondering whether it happened this way because I've been playing Dead Island lately.

    I decide that if this is a dream, phasing out through the car should be no problem. I look down at my lap and focus on moving my body left through the door and out onto the road. It takes a couple of seconds, but once the phase takes hold, I feel myself lurch to the left and I move through the door as if it wasn't there. My vision quickly dims and I find myself in a semi-void. I reach out for the road surface and grasp onto it. While I still can't see anything I feel like I'm physically still out on the roadway.

    I crawl forward for a bit until I feel confident enough with where I am. My vision is still very dark, but I decide not to worry about it until the next scene unfolds. I get to my feet and start walking forward, rubbing my hands together the whole way. I narrate to myself the fact that "I'm having a lucid dream" and keep moving forward until things clear up.

    The dimness lifts and I find myself in something that looks sort of like a college gymnasium. A lady in her mid-50s with a long gray ponytail is chatting with another woman that's sitting at a desk behind a window. I remember the task to have a witch cast a spell on you and I decide that this lady will be my witch.

    I interrupt them by announcing to the woman that "Okay, you can do that teleportation spell to the Colosseum on me now." She doesn't answer at first, seeming to want to finish up what she's saying.

    Once she gets the last of what she wanted to say out, she turns to me and matter-of-factly says, "Okay, teleportation spell... where was that to?"

    "The Colosseum," I repeat. As soon as I say that, the "witch" shoves me in the chest and I go tumbling through the air down the hallway, right toward a wall. I think that I sure hope I phase through that and sure enough, I pass right through the wall, kind of floating on my back. My vision rather crudely recenters itself and now I'm standing in a tall hallway with cinderblock walls. I can hear the noise of the crowd... this has to be the Colosseum! The cinderblock walls aren't historical but I think that I can make it work.

    I move to the end of the hallway, turn, and find myself in another hallway, this one with a much higher ceiling. I jump/fly up to find that the wall doesn't stretch all the way to the ceiling and I perch on top of the wall to survey the area. Below me I see a twisted, mazelike series of halls where male DCs that look like athletes or possibly gladiators are wandering around. Just past this maze stands a tall gate that I think must be the entrance to the Colosseum.

    As I'm planning to fly over the maze to the gate, I briefly wonder whether this dream will remain stable long enough for me to complete Europe Task of the Year item. In response to this thought, the dream almost immediately
    collapses and I'm awake.

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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Still very cool!!..despite the apparent frustration/head banging emoticon at the end. It is kind of weird...I am going on a road trip this weekend and we could go on a highway 50 (not 50mph or kmh) and I have been to New Zealand (One of the most beautiful countries anywhere!). I know...coincidences, but they stood out to me. I am torn between doing more stabilizing in my dreams or just taking off and doing what I want to...I probably need something in between. Before when I would think or try to stabilize, my dreams would fade, lately they do anyway so I feel I should do something...then again I am still waking up with that exhilarating feeling and enjoying every lucid moment, however short. I guess it will just take time.
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, you're right, still very cool! My only regret on this one was taking the time to fret about whether it might fall apart on me, which seemed to bring on the collapse! Ah well, to some degree my mind sort of does what it wants in dreams unless I give it something shiny to play with. =)

      What I want to try more of in the near future is to take time at the onset of lucidity to just really enjoy the scene for a bit, take things a bit slow, get really hooked in, and act like I've got all the time in the world. The idea is to bring vividness up and get into the mindset that this dream is where I'm going to be for a while and I'm going to put in some serious work while I'm here.

      Time will tell whether this actually works because my instinct is to just run out, start flying around, and just playing!
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Exactly! That is exactly what I need to do, thank you! You obviously have it way more down than me. I need to kind of just stop and take time to experience where I am, before I speed off...at least some of the time. I did do that recently stopped looked up at the house noticing the details but mostly went back to my normal knee-jerk ways most recently.
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    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      It's tough to do when it's not a habit! That's where I am right now. In most dreams I just get too excited and don't remember to do it. But I'm really going to try to give it another try. When I was taking that "setup time" at the beginning, it paid off with some very vivid LDs. In fact, the last time I finished a Task of the Year piece was a dream where I really took some time at the beginning to get my head right.

      Time to teach myself to do this regularly.
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    5. fogelbise's Avatar
      I am glad I am not the only one that feels that they get too excited! But my case is worse it seems, makes me feel novice. Maybe my trick is to save all the rush of excitement until I wake up! I will have to try that. Got to celebrate at some point, it is just too exciting not to!
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    6. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld and TOTM! Very creative way to combine the spell casting with teleportation! The car phase was awesome too!

      Really good job getting back into the dream from that half-void state.

      By the way, I misread giant potholes for giant potatoes at first, wondering how the dream was going to develop.
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @fogelbise - Not novice at all! I actually have a good number of what I call "micro-lucids" where I wake up almost immediately. (Presumably from excitement?) I don't journal them, but they happen pretty regularly.

      @NyxCC - Thanks! Yeah, I was glad that the car phase worked okay. That was kind of a risky thing to use as a reality check... I'm glad I didn't give up and conclude that this must be really happening!

      Ha ha... I'll have to incubate a giant potato dream and see what the ol subC does with it.
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    8. Xanous's Avatar
      Nice one
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    9. Highlander's Avatar
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