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    Capoopy's Dream Journal

    1. 8/20/11 Hitler and his wife

      by , 08-21-2011 at 01:36 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I don't remember terribly much from this dream, unfortunately, because it seemed very interesting. Me and some other people, my family I think, got to meet Hitler and his wife. His wife was more prominent in this dream though for some reason. His wife in the dream wasn't Eva though :s. She was a redhead and had her hair in a ponytail I remember. She was kind of mean or said something that offended me for some reason so we left their house. As we left the city, I remember looking out over the city. It was very stange. It was in a valley, and it was night.The valley was kind of rectangular, and in one corner there was like a small sun, and as we drove along I could see the reflection of that sun off the rooftops. The houses were brightly colored too. It was quite beautiful. As we got further the houses looked small. Then I noticed that once we got to the last house that they all looked the same size, but in reality they were getting smaller. The last one was actually like the size of a doll house. It's kind of hard to describe how that scene went down. I don't really remember much else about it but before all this stuff, I remember being in the middle of an intersection with a bunch of cars stopped, jumping up and down shouting things like "this is all mine!" and thanking Hitler for giving it to me. I had control over something and Hitler was responsible for that. Idunno =\. Also in a dream before this I remember Dumbledore got me sprayed by a fucking skunk. Yeah, just don't ask... I don't remember the details.
    2. 8/4/11 Harry Potter/island thing

      by , 08-05-2011 at 03:43 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I was kind of in Harry Potter in a way. I was a wizard, anyway. My class went on like a field trip to this island. When we got there there was like a mansion that you go through that must've belonged to the guy that owned the island or something. When we were there I stole a book and put in in some pockets inside of my robes. The whole idea of this mansion place reminded me of Howe's Caverns, a local cave system. When you go to Howe's cavern, you go into this guy Howe's mansion thing first then go into some elevators which then go down into the cave however many feet into the ground. Anyways this whole thing where we were reminded me of that. I don't remember the next few minutes but it was raining and we were being taken to some place outside where there was this very dangerous but very important liquid. The tour guide person said it was the most valuable imported substance. It wasn't imported though obviously, it was a naturally occurring substance there. My brain must've just confused the words imported and exported. Anyways once we got there it was raining quite heavily, the sky was gray, and it was all like an open field with grass but there was the liquid stuff to the right, which looking a lot like water. Except it was kind of bubbling. It looked like water does when the rain hits it, except multiply that effect by like 10. We walked past that up a little hill, where there were trees and forest and stuff. I remember passing a big rock to the right. I forget the next few minutes, but I remember it was close to the end of the tour, and the tour guide/ guy who drove the boat to the island had quit, and the teacher (who was actually my 5th grade teacher in real life) was guiding us. My mom and brother (who i have no idea why they were with our class :S) had stayed behind to look at something. It was bugging me that the class was leaving and they were lagging behind, so I ditched them and hurried to catch up with the class. I got there and the class was all on the stairs with the teacher in front on the phone. She was calling someone to pick us up on the island, since the guy who drove the boat had quit in the middle of the tour (i think because our class was misbehaving) and had taken the boat with him. The teacher was mad at the guy, but I figured it was just a mistake and that if he had remember that we would need a ride back, he would have had the decency to bring us back. That's all I really remember from last night. I remember waking up several times remembering dreams, but I don't remember any details except swimming around in what I think was a hotel lobby with shallow water in it with a table in the middle of it.
    3. 7/31/11 Store then NYC

      by , 08-01-2011 at 12:51 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      The first part of my dream I remember walking around a grocery store of some sort. Something something about jazz music and the saxophone or something :s The second part I remember walking somewhere, it was on top of a hill. I was supposed to be somewhere else, calling my mom to get picked up, but I decided fuck that and started walking to this place. On the way I passed New York City, except where I was wasn't really city. There was a road (which I was walking along) a river, then NYC. Seeing the city was beautiful. It was almost sunset and the sun was reflecting off the windows of some buildings at the perfect angle. Once I got to the place I was feeling really sick and threw up. Shortly after I woke up, with a weird feeling as if I had just thrown up. It was kinda weird :s
    4. 10/19/10 Guitar supplies + Jimi Hendrix

      by , 10-20-2010 at 09:34 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I remember going into a store where they sold guitar supplies. I was going to buy some sort of plastic things that go over your fingers for fingerpicking. I decided not to buy them for some reason. Later in the dream I remember checking facebook on my phone (Ive never used facebook on my phone irl) and seeing that Jimi Hendrix died on this date some amount of years ago. I remember the date was December 4th.
    5. 7/5/10 Thunderstruck

      by , 07-07-2010 at 12:32 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      All I really remember was my friends Nik, Jon and David playing Thunderstruck by ACDC for a school talent show.
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    6. 12/10/08 Astronaut

      by , 07-06-2010 at 02:58 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I had signed up to be an astronaut. I dont remember the liftoff, but I remember being in the rocket shortly after it. It was me and 2 other guys on our way to the moon. One of the other guys had to go injo cryogenic sleep. He was the one that was landing on the moon ( Me and the other guy werent for some reason) I dont really remember but I think something went wrong and we werent able to land on the moon.
      The aftermath was the biggest part of the dream. We had all gotten home safely but everything in our lives went wrong after that. We had "a couple of diamonds" according to a narration I heard. But our families hated us for some reason. My aunt had threatened me for some reason and nobody seemed to give a rats hat that I had just come from space. Thats all I remember, I wish I could remember the parts about the cryogenic sleep.
    7. 11/25/08 Secret Love

      by , 07-06-2010 at 01:10 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I was on a train with my mom and my brother and I was on my way to school. We sat across from a girl and her mom. The girl looked about my age. We went on the same way for a few days sitting across from the girl and her mom for a few days but never paying attention to them (I think we werent suppsed to talk to anyone on the train, or anywhere for that matter). One day on the way off the train, the girl slipped a note into my hand. It said "I love you."
      I didnt really know what to think. I saw her the next day on the train. We didn't look at each other a whole lot, but I could tell she was thinking about me. The rest of the dream was quite hazy, but I know that we met in a bathroom and kissed. I really wish I could remember more details, my favorite dream by far

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    8. 10/13/08 Driving through flaming walls dream

      by , 07-06-2010 at 01:09 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      My family was in a car and my dad was driving. We were driving in some big empty building. My dad was driving full speed towards a wall. I figured he would stop at the last second, but he didnt, and we burst through the wall, but it didnt even slow us down a bit. We kept driving through a few more walls when we came to a wall that was on fire. My dad said he couldnt drive through this one, and he was mad that he couldnt destroy any more walls
      Funny dream lol
      Tags: driving, fire, wall
    9. 9/15/08 The Timestopper

      by , 07-06-2010 at 01:07 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I was in some sort of trailer park and I thought that I had stopped time, but there wasnt any frozen people or stopped cars or anything that would normally move. I walked around trying to confirm that I had stopped time. I was pretty convinced until I noticed that I was being followed by a boy on a red bike. Lets call him Charlie. Anyways me and Charlie walked around the trailer park for a while. I still kinda though I did stop time, so I jumped off a small hill to see what affect gravity had on me. I closed my eyes, jumped, and landed on my feet. Charlie did the same thing. I was pretty much convinced I hadnt stopped time by then.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. 8/12/08 First LD

      by , 07-06-2010 at 01:03 PM (Capoopy's Dream Journal)
      I was in a big city (like NYC) and I was hanging out with my friends Cody and Jon. I dont remember much of this part except Cody had super powers (I think he was a giant) and Jon asked if he could have a ride home from school (which he does in real life) and if we could occasionally bring him to Kingston for his modified soccer games.
      The next dream I remember was in a theme park (Sheesh whats up with all my dreams taking place in a theme park lately?) The first thing I remember was somebody telling me to get my hair cut (typical ) Next thing i remember was walking barefoot though a shallow pool that was part of the path and it had fish in it.
      The last part of the dream was the lucidity
      Me and my mom were going through a gift shop and I felt a very strange feeling of Deva Vu. I knew it was a dream I thnik that in the dream i went back in time without knowing, but now i knew what was going to happen (something bad i think) and i wanted to change it. We went up to the register to make our purchase and then my mom said "are you ready to go?" I wanted to change the future so i said "Yes, this time my way"
      I was about to shoot a guy (with my hands) but then I woke up =(

      Lucidity:Very low