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    What up? How is everyone doing? You are now in the world we are ruling.Take a minute to adjust for the wondrous clusterfuck of fun and enchantment. I promise you some Generation next shit, to speak for the silent who are left with parallel levels in a dark, dark place, tricked into a dark, dark fate as the sun kisses us on the foreheads gently.

    I did not want what other people wanted, but I didn't know how to find what I needed. I wanted truth -- my OWN truth, whatever bleak fragment of whatever hellish totality it might be.

    I can see now, the virtue of madness, for this country knows no law or boundary. I pity the poor shades confined to the euclidean prison that is society. All things are possible here and I am what madness made me.

    Whole. Complete. Free at last.

    This is a journey into the horizon....You can see past.
    If it's real to you.....Then we can meet on the other side.

    1. Wake Up Call

      by , 02-18-2011 at 03:16 AM (Dreamjumper)

      I am minding my own business, going about my day to day activities, when a strange man in a trench coat approaches me. He taps me on the shoulder, and says to me:

      "Hey... You know you're going to wake up, right?"

      "What?" I say.

      "Your alarm is about to go off."

      And immediately my alarm sounded, waking me from the dream.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Tracked in the Desert

      by , 01-26-2011 at 11:02 AM (Dreamjumper)
      Jan 24

      I am walking alone across a desert landscape. The terrain is completely flat and barren... comprised of dust. It's a little windy, but this doesn't bother me so much, because though it's windy the dust isn't blowing at all. I know that I have a destination in mind but I don't know exactly what it is until I reach it. In the middle of the dreamscape, surrounded by nothing, a large white museum stands.

      I make my way inside the massive building and see that there are other people there. We weren't all necessarily there to see or meet each other, we just had the same goal or destination. I am surrounded by small groups of individuals who are excited to see me. We talk briefly and I move between groups, or rather, the groups move around me, and I react to them.

      Our conversations revolve mostly around dreams, and this reinforcement lets me know that I am dreaming. However, I don't have a moment to enjoy it, because the INSTANT I become lucid... I hear a loud droning bomb siren. An alarm flared and from deep within the museum I could hear planes overhead. All of us inside ran out into the desert to see a plane fly low above us and fire something from one of its turrets. It trailed green and lands on the roof of the museum. It flashes like a green strobe light and within moments another plane flies over and dumps another tracking device on the opposite end of the roof. I can tell that they are triangulating our position and that our cover has been blown. In the ensuing stress I forget my lucidity. Everybody escapes and runs in different directions, back into the desert, away from the compromised museum headquarters.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Verbal Dream Combat

      by , 01-23-2011 at 02:21 AM (Dreamjumper)

      Something has affected the masses of society, so I escape to the mountains with my friend Dustin. We "hideout" in a classic log cabin, complete with a thigh-high wooden fence surrounding it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lincoln built it, but he probably didn’t.

      Dustin and I are hiding up and away from the rest of civilization because something vague, yet dangerous has befallen mankind. We’re not sure of what it is, or how we’re aware of it, but once we find our supposed ‘solitude’ in the mountains things start to unravel. I should note that this Dustin wasn’t anything like the Dustin I know, except for the fact he looked just like him. This Dustin is immediately hostile toward me, and advances upon me outside of the cabin, and he ends up instigating a dream battle between us.

      We grapple at first. To the casual observer it looks as we’re yanking each other around or shoving one another, almost as if we were “Indian Wrestling.” It is interesting to note that it was mostly Dustin attacking me. My end of the “physical” battle consisted only of defensive blocks. My offensive combat are more clever and creative (mind-oriented) whereas Dustin resorts to grunt physical movements (body-oriented). I spend most of the dream battle antagonizing Dustin verbally. My assault consists solely of insults, sarcasm, jokes, and a lot of laughter… everything I say makes Dustin angrier and causes him to retaliate stronger. I counter his punches and kicks expertly, which makes him angrier. I even allow him to land a few of his blows, all the while laughing and instigating.

      I am winning the battle even though I haven’t landed a single physical blow. I believe this is because my verbal assault distracts his attention and focus, which gives ME more power. Dustin grows weaker as he spends more energy on physical attacks. I back him up against the short fence and all while talking to him, I execute my first physical assault, which is to pushhim over the short fence. He topples backward over it awkwardly, but not painfully, it was more embarrassing than anything. I have won the battle because Dustin has been made to look like a fool.

      We both know that I have won, we seem to both understand the unspoken rules of the battle. I laugh in victory, which pours salt into Dustin's wound as he, upset on the other side of the fence and covered in actual dust, makes a quick movement and draws a firearm from his side. He fires the pistol at me once, as I feel a bullet tear through me. My laughter stops. I am not hurt. I'm not exactly shocked or surprised that I am shot, as I seemed to anticipate it earlier, but I am more disgusted/disappointed at the "cheap shot" (lol get it) after the end of the battle.

      I touch my stomach where I am shot, and look down at my bloody hands. I shake my head at Dustin, and fall to my knees muttering snidely something about his inability for honor. I laugh again. I am mortally wounded, though I do not die before I wake up.
    4. Critters on a Train!

      by , 01-18-2011 at 11:51 PM (Dreamjumper)
      It is interesting to note that while James is the dreamer of this, I was the main character of it in a featured role/guest appearance. I will periodically post similar dreams in which I didn't dream, but appeared in. These will have a disclaimer and be tagged under "featured role/guest appearance"

      Before the Dream: It is my birthday night and I spend it with my girlfriend and four other of my friends. There are six of us total. We spend part of the night on a pub crawl, as we visit as many bars in town as possible. The final count was 7, I believe. We take a taxicab back to my apartment and a pajama slumber party commences. Everybody passes out. My girlfriend Sarah and I in our bed, anoter couple, Mannie and Maggie, in the spare bed, our single male and female friends Randi and James sleep on the couch and floor, respectively. James, the friend sleeping on the floor, had the following dream:

      Critters on a Train!

      I am with 5 of my friends. My girlfriend Sarah, My best friend Mannie and his girlfriend Maggie, and our single male and female friends James and Randi. The feeling is ominous and tense as we stand on a platform at a station and board the back of a train. The train speeds off and within moments everything goes to hell.

      A strange power flux affects the lights and power on the train. In the flickering of the shadows we can see that things were moving and we are not causing it. We can't tell what they are yet but they are the eponymous Critters from the 1986 film.

      Things return somewhat to normal when the lights do. The Critters escape undetected and leave to feed on the passengers of the train in order to replicate and make more of themselves. A strange and enigmatic dream figure is helping us in the form of "the expert." We never meet this figure in person and only communicate to it through earbuds.What is interesting is that the "expert" feels like it was one of them, possibly a critter from a rebellion that didn't agree with what they were trying to do to our planet. the expert gives us the back story and tells us what we must accomplish.

      We must stop the critters before the train reaches its destination: a densely populate metropolitan city. If the critters reach the city it will mark the beginning of the end of the world; invasion. Everybody is nervous but me. I lead the group and head off to investigate the ruckus. We manage to find and confront a cornered critter. The critter shoots one of its classic paralyzing quills directly into my girlfriend's throat. Sarah spurts blood all over the place and stumbles back. The critters swarm Sarah and feed on her flesh. She is the first to be killed.

      In the room Sarah is killed, we discover a hidden critter ship, evidence of their invasion. We continue on, five of us now. Searching for the critters. They hide well, behind boxes, just out of view... yet we can hear them moving around on top of the train cars, and this gives us some sort of advantage in following them. Randi, our single female friend is panicking now that Sarah is dead and wants nothing to do with saving the world. Her only concern is in surviving. Thought the train is speeding toward a city, Randi has a bright idea and postulates that if we escaped into the last car of the train and separated it from the train, we could coast to safety. But I cannot deter from my goal, though I would love to keep my life, I cannot let the critters survive and make it to humanity or all will be lost and Sarah died for nothing.

      James, however, believes in her plan and the two of them go to the end of the train. They are chased by more critters, who have exponentially reproduced. Randi and James make it into the last car but have trouble separating it due to the attacking critters. James manages to separate the car from the train, but is overtaken by a swarm of critters, sacrificing himself to ensure Rand's safety. With the car detached, it coasts away from the train to safety. Randi is the only other survivor of this tale.

      It's strange to note that even though James, the dreamer, is killed by the critters... the dream continues on without him (as he takes an impersonal and omniscient observational roll, watching the rest of the dream play out)

      Maggie has died "off-screen" which leaves my best friend Mannie and I, together alone, in James' dream. At this point everybody else on the train is either dead or dying, and there are countless critters. Mannie and I fight for quite a while together, I don't know how we manage to survive. Our plan is to get to the control room at the front, make the train go as fast as possible and switch it to a track that dead ends.

      Mannie is killed in an ensuing battle, and the realization that everybody I know is dead (except for Randi) sends me into a stupor and rage. It's almost as if I absorbed Mannie's power when he died, because I become freakishly empowered and strong. I use the golf club I picked up along the way and go on a killing rampage toward the front of the train, more determined than ever. I reach the control center in the nose of the train and crank everything to where it needs to be. I switch tracks as the train surpasses full speed and I use the decapitated head of a critter as weight for the dead man's switch. I smash all of the other controls so the critters can't stop the train.

      As the train nears its dead end crash, I am losing energy but remain confident in my actions. I fight as many of them as I can and dive off the train just before it was crashes. The train explodes, as each car goes up in flames. I see a few critters on fire in their rolling ball form on the ground and I smash them with what remains of my golf club. I am the only other survivor. The critters are dead. The city is safe.
    5. Catshit Underwear

      by , 01-18-2011 at 10:06 PM (Dreamjumper)

      I find myself outside near a convenience/appliance combination store wearing my trusty ‘traveling’ backpack I own only in my dreams. It, as usual, is stuffed with marijuana. Apparently weed is the only thing I feel I need to survive when traversing the dreamscape.

      A teenager approaches me from across the street as if he knows me. The teenager asks me for some weed and offers to help me “get some pussy” in return. This disrespectful bartering prospect highly unnerves me, and sends me into a rage. I swing a right hook at him, but he is a minor and so I subconsciously pull back at the last moment and the punch doesn’t land.

      The punk kid throws a deck of cards at me and they all spill and flutter around me. I dig into my trusty dream satchel to procure some sort of defense. I find my rhyming dictionary and throw it at the teenager. This has no affect and so I throw spoon after spoon at him… each of which I find inside my bag. With the kid distracted, I duck into the store and find myself at the model washers and dryers.

      Cat shit covers my clothes now so I am given ample reason to use said washers and dryers. I strip down to my boxer-brief underpants and place my dirty clothes in an empty display washer. Everybody is very upset by my actions, and shake their heads at me… who stands wearing boxer-briefs, shoes and socks, and a backpack. Since I was half-naked, the authorities were notified so the police show up immediately… there had been a cruiser across the street and two officers witnessed the entire previous scene with the teenager. I am afraid because of how much marijuana I have on my person, and the immanence of being searched… I approach the police and surrender the rest of my spoons. Subconsciously I knew that I was dreaming and that I didn’t have to actually suffer the legal ramifications of the situation at hand and ended the dream to wake myself up before being busted for possession.
    6. Oceans On Fire

      by , 01-16-2011 at 01:00 AM (Dreamjumper)

      The scene starts with lights upon a guitar. As soon as there is a solid awareness of the guitar it instantaneously shatters into pieces. The guitar strings elongate and distort to become the legs of a real woman dancing on Broadway.

      A marionette puppet walks by on its own accord.

      The Broadway gal sticks her long lizard-tongue out at me as she slowly but surely turns full reptilian. The puppet walks on alone, somberly through dark corridors. A large butcher knife comes down from the ceiling and cuts the puppet in half. The puppet reattaches itself and stands up to escape, but the butcher knife comes back down and dices the puppet into neat little squares, and then minces it into bits.

      The bits of marionette puppet instantly ignite afire, engulfing the world’s oceans. I see the world, with all it’s oceans on fire. Dolphins, ablaze, jump into the air and hang for a moment before sinking under waves of flame. The clouds, too, were on fire and angels fell from the sky.

      I stand alone and scream in agony before graphically tearing myself in two to the bone. My skeleton catches fire. With the entire world ablaze, it looks like a fireball. It incinerated into a tiny burning ember in the center of a baby’s eye. I pan out to see the baby in full view as the butcher knife reappears dicing the baby to bits. The puppet somberly reenters with a broom and dustpan, to sweep the bits of baby up and dump it into the garbage.
    7. Killer Toys

      by , 01-14-2011 at 02:49 AM (Dreamjumper)

      A colorful scene of children playing with various toys in a daycare begins, but it turns macabre as the toys become alive and twisted. The toys harm, dismember and murder some of the children. Other surviving children don’t notice the horror and continue to play with their toys. A hypodermic needle falls from the sky and sticks straight into the ground, causing the liquid in the chamber of the syringe to slosh about and dance, which transforms into a male and female figure having sex within the chamber of the hypodermic needle.
    8. Defending Akashic Records

      by , 01-14-2011 at 12:59 AM (Dreamjumper)

      A beautiful woman lies naked on an ornate bed sprawled amongst numerous tall stacks of ancient books. I stand shirtless a few feet from the bed and place a few choice books on my shelf. Instead of having sex with the woman I turn away and collect the rest of the books on the bed so that I can return them to the library. Once I arrive at the library I see that it resembles the Akashic Records, which I’ve visited before. The entrance to the Records is spectacular, framed by epic pillars.

      I head inside and replace the books and knowledge that I have borrowed and assimilated. I browse the aisles for a bit and stumble upon a specific dream character jerk that causes trouble within the library, and starts shit with random visitors like a bully. I walk by him and ignore him, but he steps in my path and scowls at me.

      He tells me to never get in his face. Wanting nothing more than to put him in his place I step up to him and jab my finger at him and “get in his face.” This angers the jerk and we proceed to battle, first hand to hand grappling before it escalates into an epic old school sword fight. We slice and duel amongst the many rows of books throughout the library until I finally defeat him.

      As I stand to walk away triumphantly, I realize that I have also been mortally wounded from the battle. I stumble over to the dying jerk I defeated in battle and say “See you in another life, yeah?” I shuffle back to the naked woman in bed, lie next to her, and wake up.
    9. Skeleton Tree

      by , 01-13-2011 at 03:59 AM (Dreamjumper)

      I see a hand facing palm forward. The hand’s fingertips elongate until the bones of the fingers pierce the skin and continue to grow. The figure who’s hand this belongs to screams in agony. All the bones extend to the point the figure’s skin sheds entirely, ripped from his body. The bony arms lengthen and the torso thickens… the bony feet take hold in the soil and wrap into the earth until the skeleton man now resembles a gigantic skeleton tree. A bone acorn drops from the tree and falls at the foot of a child who decides to climb the skeleton tree. As the child inches across the branch of an arm, it snaps, and the child falls to the ground. The child has broken his arm, and lies in a near-lifeless heap as bony roots pop out of the earth to wrap the child and bring him down unto its depths underground.

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    10. Horsekillers of the Wild West

      by , 01-12-2011 at 10:39 PM (Dreamjumper)

      A man plays an Old West guitar… or “gee-tar.” He plays alongside a small band in a typical run-of-the-mill saloon. Like everyone else in the building, they chew and wear chaps and cowboy hats. Dust covers everything. I am an outsider, (from the town, and literally outside of the saloon) riding my horse through this future ghost town. My horse suddenly collapses and I spill into the middle of the road. My horse is dead. I look around the road and town’s buildings and see countless other horses have died.

      I look at my horse and watch it go through the entire decaying process in a matter of seconds. My horse is now just a skeleton. All of the other dead horses are also skeletons. I look on at all the dead horses, still in shock, holding the reigns of my skeleton horse… and tie it up to a post. I enter the saloon, the band still plays and I order me a drink to clear my head. A large cowpie jerk of a man starts shit with me and antagonizes me because I ain't from around here. Chaos ensues.

      A large, full-scale old-fashioned wild west bar fight breaks out of epic proportions. All of the classic Western moves are there: man falling off balcony, the Madame’s girls screaming, some guys too drunk to fight; and on top of that adding a healthy dose of classic dream power: telekinesis. All the while the band never stops playing. Finally, at the climax of the fight, the song ends and I am left the last man standing. Exhausted, I am clobbered over the head by the singer/songwriter by his gee-tar, and he is deemed REAL last man standing.
    11. Kidnapped and Mind-fucked

      by , 01-12-2011 at 01:05 AM (Dreamjumper)

      It is late at night and raining. I walk along a sidewalk, without an umbrella. The rain drenches me but I don’t care, it feels nice. There are other people walking down the street in front and behind me. A long black limousine pulls up in front of me. I see a few of the other people that walk around me get pulled into the limo. It pulls forward so that the limousine sits directly next to me. The door swings open, and I don’t have a moment to react or escape. They abduct me into the back seat. The back of the limousine opens up… it is exponentially bigger inside than it looks from outside.

      Several Men in Black suits and dark sunglasses surround me and the other captives. One by one, each captive is held down by multiple men while another injects an oversized hypodermic needle deep into the center of his forehead into his third eye… the mind’s eye which rests just above and between the brow crests. The threatening Men in Black purposely show me this on a few of the captives so that I know exactly what I’m getting into. Once each person is injected they go limp and enter a catatonic state. Even though I know this and that this danger will befall me, I cannot escape.

      It is my turn now, and I fight against the men with all my might. They overpower me easily, incomparable in strength. I see the giant oversized hypodermic needle come closer toward me until I feel it puncture the skin of my forehead. It stabs deep into my brain and I feel the liquid enter me as the plunger pushes down. Something is released within me and my entire body is seized with the most intense energetically buzzing. (similar to Sleep Paralysis). The electronic current flows through my system. I initially wonder if it is heroin. I am catatonic in the back of the black limousine, and it feels so beautifully euphoric that it hurts me to the core.
    12. Deaddie Murphy

      by , 01-12-2011 at 12:55 AM (Dreamjumper)

      Eddie Murphy ate a fly. Then it flew out of his mouth unscathed.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    13. Bodysnatched

      by , 01-12-2011 at 12:27 AM (Dreamjumper)

      An alien invasion was unleashed upon the earth by the Grays. These aliens were specifically body snatchers and shape-shifters. They were manipulators of the highest ability, akin to the reptilians. The problem was that anybody could be one of the invading aliens. A lot of people also didn’t believe me, thinking that I was just being a conspiracy theorist. My closest friends in the dream were aware though, and a hefty portion of the dream was spent thinking a specific individual was an alien, but I was wrong.

      The alien turned out to be masquerading as an ally of mine. We managed to ‘evade’ the other aliens by hiding in a forest… but it was all just a ruse for the shapeshifter to get me alone. When just the two of us stood in the forest, it transformed into its original alien form and tried to infest my body, to make me its next host. I ran, and tried to escape but no matter how fast or hard I tried, the alien was right on my heels. At this point, the stress and fear catapulted me into lucidity and I realized I was dreaming. I decided to stop and face my fears, so I stopped and turned to confront the alien. I told it that it couldn’t hurt me in this dream world. At this, the alien cocked its head and stabbed its hand deep into my chest (Mr. Smith a la the Matrix style). I could feel the alien drain my life force, as I started dying. My feelings were of failure and lost hope… as even though I stood up to a dream figure… I ‘died’
    14. Dead Teddy Bear

      by , 01-12-2011 at 12:16 AM (Dreamjumper)

      I see a lone stuffed anthropomorphic Teddy Bear, complete with button eyes. It tries to talk to me but its mouth is just a seam stitched shut. In an attempt to talk, the bear forcibly rips its mouth-seam open. As soon as it manages to make a working mouth… the bear’s cotton guts spill out of it with such force that it turns the teddy bear inside out, leaving just a fluff of cotton. The cotton fluff morphs into a cloud that rains upon a single spot on the ground. Where the teddy bear once sat, the ground becomes fertile and single flower sprouts.
    15. Clone Ambush

      by , 01-11-2011 at 02:49 AM (Dreamjumper)

      Clone Ambush
      Walking along the street downtown, I spot my girlfriend (at the time) standing at the edge of the street curb a half a block away from me. She waited for the signal to change so she could cross the street. She stood with another man, hand in hand, and both of them had their backs turned to me. Their tone got sexual and I became infuriated. I ran toward them and attacked the guy with my girlfriend. I whipped him good and beat him to within an inch of his life, all the while screaming at my ex-girlfriend. The heap of a man turned over to reveal that it was me. I had beat up my own self. Upset, confused, and furious I stormed off.
      non-lucid , memorable
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