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    The 18th world

    by , 07-29-2014 at 08:23 PM (494 Views)
    There's two women walking through a city. The taller and darker one says to the other, now that the two of them are on their 18th world, she's beginning to see the appeal of raising them (worlds, that is).

    The short one finds this funny timing since they're currently walking through an area suffering severe poverty and in the middle of a recession. She says something sarcastic along the lines of oh joy, we get to watch people scrimp and save and hoard their resources, how very exciting.

    The tall one acknowledges that sure, that's not very interesting to watch, but sooner or later the herd will thin out. And she likes the gambling ones with hopes for the future.

    The short one asks if she'd like to make a bet herself. The tall one is delighted and instantly agrees, she's very excited. The short one asks what they should gamble with. The tall one thinks about it and offers: if the short one wins, the tall one will let her uncover a whole bunch of dinosaur skeletons - by which she means allowing the humans to find the bones. The short one isn't interested in the bones themselves, she just loves seeing what humans do with new things.
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