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    Avoiding the templars

    by , 03-31-2015 at 01:54 AM (722 Views)
    Based on DA. There's this kid whose father had been an apostate and a friend of mine; I've been his guardian since his parents died, but I'm not around much. There's this old dwarf woman who's been acting as his tutor, and she's been telling me that the kid's started to show signs of inheriting his father's magic. Strange dreams, mostly. She's worried he'll attract a demon, get himself hurt - she wants to send him to the Circle to be trained. I completely refuse. His father worked hard to stay free of the Circle, I can't do that to his son. There must be someone else who can train him. In the meantime, we say nothing to the kid about any of this.

    But we don't find anyone else, and eventually the old woman informs me that she's written to the Circle about him. They'll be sending templars to pick the kid up.

    So I take the kid and we leave town. I don't explain why, and he thinks it's just a short trip. As we're walking on a path through the woods, he's telling me about a fennec he'd found out back, and how he's been trying to befriend it. But as he talks, his voice changes, goes deeper, and he starts saying strange things; I stop and turn around to look at him, and find the features of his face are shifting slightly, starting to resemble a sloth demon. That fades away, his face and voice returns to normal, but he's frightened - and he recognizes that was the beginning of possession.

    He'd watched a friend of his become possessed once; he says he'd rather be killed than go through that. He runs off into the woods. I follow, but I don't find him.
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    1. Verre's Avatar
      Love love love DA! And "The Fade" is a great way to conceptualize the dream state.
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