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    An invitation

    by , 10-16-2015 at 08:39 PM (867 Views)
    After going just slightly lucid, I try to travel through a particular door, but it resisted; it warped instead of opening. I gave it a mental push and found that I didn't have access to the dream on the other side; I need the dreamer to invite me in.

    I've drawn the attention of two children on the other side of the glass door. One of them is the dreamer, older than her current dream form. I talk to her, trying to get her to invite me in so I can pass through her dream, get to where I want to go. Not being lucid, this child version of her instead goes off to tell her parents. Irritating. The other child stays, but its invitation would be useless so I ignore it. She doesn't come back.
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    1. dreamenaider's Avatar
      Sounds like the dreamer was not lucid enough. To understand where you were coming from. Hope you took a nice and peaceful aproch. Or you could have caused a nightmare for them.
      You really need to be carfull when try to enter another's dream. We should try to not become the monster. We want to be apart and f the solution. Not the problem. Not saying you did such thing I just wonder if you kept you cool from thier perspective when you got irritated. Even your own emotions will effect the other person's dream. I wonder if you were really entered another's dream. This is all in theory, if so. I admire you awareness abilities.
      Updated 10-17-2015 at 08:27 AM by dreamenaider