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    Shooting stars

    by , 09-26-2013 at 06:46 PM (613 Views)
    All the stars are falling. At first it's just a few shooting stars; then the sky's full of them, as if every star in the sky is moving, and there are more stars than I've ever seen. It's incredibly beautiful. I'm thinking it must be the Pleiades (I'm reasonably certain the dream got that mixed up and actually meant the Perseids), and thinking about how in previous meteor showers the sky was always clouded over, so this is my first time seeing the whole of the 'Pleiades.' I see the image of a ringed planet form in the motion of the stars, filling up the sky.

    I try to get someone, a woman, to come and look at the stars with me, calling it the greatest sky show or light show, and she says she's seen plenty of light shows, local fireworks displays, and doesn't need to see any more.

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