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    The Quest For Lucidity

    all of my strangest and coolest dreams so far of when i started coming to this web site.

    1. Another Lucid Task Complete "Chidori!"

      by , 04-19-2012 at 02:24 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      So last night i had a dream i was a lucid master. i spawned in this area i remember being very rocky and the sky was dimmed. i remember what someone told me on this site to mantra in my head "i will have a long lucid dream" and i did and fortunantally it worked. so i remember wanting to do a rasengan so i put my palm out focused hard. and then it happened i was walking around with it and smashed it into things. i cant really recall much but i remember trying to chidori. id get really short burst of lightning so instead i tryed a "Raikiri" the louder i yelled this the more powerful the strike was. when i yelled it a giant amount of lightning came around me and shot out as if a short ranged explosive attack. so then i used raikiri to focus into my palm by not yelling it and i did a chidori! i was happy so i started running. i saw this piece of yellowish glass and i used my chidori on it. a straight hole went through it and i cheered knowing i was lucid. sooner or later n the dream i ended up in this brown village city kind of thing except it looked like the sand village from naruto. people were in there i remember calling a girl hot and her telling me i already did once so then i was talking to this girl because we ended up somewhere and i remember closing my eyes and i woke up! i was sad but quickly tried to sleep again and i did. i could see reality on the bottom half of my vision and the dream in the next and then sooner or later it went back into the dream. this time when i went it i wasnt lucid at first and then i said. "this is a dream" so i walked around to find a dream character and i told him this was a dream and he said "no way!" i continued on and i found my friend devyn he was in a really black robe with red eyes and a coat. i think we challenged eachother to a duel i remember us both going back and he spreaded apart his coat and it expanded like 30x covering almost all the land in the battle field. He started charging at me and also not to mention he had a puppet in front of him like kankuro in naruto. i charged up my rasengan and ran towards him before he could wrap me in the coat i rasenganed his puppet. using this in another lucid dream i had i learned to use it or become comfortable with it. his puppet flew backwards along with him but he was still standing coming at me at a faster rate this time. i knew i couldent run because the coat was just to long so i stood there while he was charging at me and yelled "RAIKIRI!" lighting shot out everywhere hitting him the coat the puppet. after that i ethier cant recall anything or woke up. But that was one awesome lucid
    2. Dream Team In The RV

      by , 05-31-2011 at 02:49 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      the dream started with me appearing in the front of my school i was going out with the girl i liked named adriana i barely got to see her "pretty much looking for her the whole dream" so i went looking soon i found a boa looking staff with a sharp diamond tip and something.. at the bottom. cant remember. i had a cross in my pocket "for a neckalase" and a dog tag shaped rectangular accessory that had carvings of a ak47 and other things on it i again cannot remember. but in the dream i found a sephorothe toy from final fantasy and found his long sword peice to go with it but it was bent D: so i went to find another one i went onto this rocky cliff and a guy hade two peices for the toy on was a short sword but it was red with flames the other one was a dagger. so i took... THE AWSOME RED WITH FLAMES SHORT SWORD!!!!!!!!. and put the peice on him i was happy then i found an RV with a fat dude with glasses driving it he asked me hey kid. "who me" yeah you. wana join the dream team! he said. they discussed there dreams when they awaoke helped eachother attain lucidity and traveled in an rv everywhere and they were fat. its like a dream come true <--lOl get it. but anyways when he asked me this i said. id have to ask my mother "i said in my head" but anyhow i found adriana and she wanted jewelry so she took off the sharp diamond from my boa staff and gave me her neckalase i felt used. after that she left didnt find her and i woke.
    3. Lucid Task Complete!

      by , 05-20-2011 at 04:19 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      in this dream i was on my bus at school and this girl i liked liked me blah blah i heard them say she didnt know if i liked her so we didnt go out and stuff. but after that i went home to my room and walked out i went towards my patio door and stopped i saw a mirror looked in it and smiled. in the mirror i didnt smile fully it was like i couldent smile and then i said Im Dreaming. i then remembered on DV's a guy said "when you go lucid immediatly do something. i ran downstairs to my patio i stood in front of the big couch down there the first thing i tried to do was a rasengan "lucid task" i focused hard all of a sudden i saw my hand dip in having a hole like shape in my hand i saw flashing images pop up in my hand of a blue swirling ball "rasengan" i coulden't do it that way so i tried another position i did hand symbols representing jutsu i put my palm facing downward a rasengan detached from my hand was there after chargeing i spun and it shot out of my hand flying towards the sky.. "it looked so cool" next i thought of something else. i remembered me and my friend trying to "dream share" i attempted to summon my friend jason we have been trying these projects together i put my hands on the ground "its how i summon" and a blast of smoke shot up from the ground above me it faded and nothing was there so i remember my friend saying he said"he focused hard and saw images of me" So i then focused hard. i remember him saying after that the dream got fuzzy and he woke up all of a sudden the dream got fuzzy i then thought of what to do i quickly closed my eyes and spun when i opened them it was clear again. i remain in the dream i then attempted to summon again i thought i couldent because of the small space in the patio i still tried no luck. so i ran to my backyard trying to summon again nothing. so i thought of something else to do. lets just say it was over pg-13. and after that i woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Huge house

      by , 05-16-2011 at 01:56 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      so i remember going up to this big white colored house i walk in the people there were racist and i was staying there for the night or something everyone there played call of duty black ops and were very competitive my friend matthew was there i remember going in his room and i pissed him off and he got mad and told me to get out so i did i went to the living room where i slept on a pallet on the floor i got in that pallet cryed? and then i saw these two people talking i got up from the pallet and did something... cant remember. the last part i remember is me going around asking people if they wanted something to drink and this brunette woman said "i would like tea please" so i went got tea sat it down sooner or later i realized i was taking long i remember thinking "oh i forgot the ice" and i picked it up ice was in there. so i tasted the tea "seriously i could taste the tea and i dont even like tea but ive tried it before so i knew what it tasted like and i could taste it" then i remember walking towards the patio and i woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Pools.

      by , 05-13-2011 at 10:02 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      i remember me walking into this back yard and seeing this great circular hot tub looking pool with silk non-transparent covers surrounding it. i wanted to swim in it so bad. but that dream was cool i just cant remember it..
      dream fragment
    6. two lucids in a row.

      by , 05-13-2011 at 10:01 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      next day after the lucid before. a part in my dream i was trying to fall asleep somewhere not in my bed more like outside and i did fall asleep in my dream and i realized i was dreaming in the dream. in my dream. i said to myself before that lucid. "the next time i have a lucid i will try to execute something" so i tried to fly. with no confidence at all i didnt even jump i just lifting my arms up and stood on my tippy toes..and i still was not excited. i think i was curious but i did try to execute the summoning . didnt work but i say the next time i have a lucid i will accomplish something >:l
      lucid , dream fragment
    7. 'finally" first lucid since on this site

      by , 05-13-2011 at 09:58 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      so i had a wbtb i think and i remember saying "i am dreaming over and over in my head" i dont remember where i was but i think i was in a gray place. well i remember trying to accomplish one of my lucid task. but when i was going to try to summon before i put my hands on the ground "the way i execute it" i said what if i dont execute it right..so i didnt do anything...? i kept saying its a dream.. but what shocked me was i was not excited AT ALL. and i woke up not excited ethier i was just like. its a dream. no emotion or reaction..then later in the day i was like OH MY GOSH. but i dont understand.
    8. UnIdentified Weapon

      by , 05-06-2011 at 03:21 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      so i was dreaming last night and remember this scene it was like GTA 4 but with a weapon that seemed like Destroy all human's weapons "the game" and halo . so it was like a 1st person GTA scene that i was in and i shot people and all of a sudden i cycleing through the weapons and find a gun that i dont know what its purpose was it only hade like 36 bullets the bullers were big about the size of a cork but bigger with caps on it it was a big alien'ish gun i then found out the gun swiped memory so i shot a bullet everyone ran then when i shot them with that gun they would return walking casually i hade about 3 other guns that i didn't try out "if only i would of" but the dream was cool.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Fragment

      by , 05-02-2011 at 02:57 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      i feel like i have the potential to remember the rest of this dream but i just cant. i was in this woman's room she was a stripper or something im not sure she had this tent like thing that hung down and onto the end of the bed at first i was hideing behind her bed mainly to see her undress even though she was not in there. and my friend John came in i said "John??" and he sat on the bed and i got on the bed and layed there waiting for her with him me and my friend had a interesting conversation. and then she walked in and saw john and said."what are you doing in here get out" and i got up to and said thought you couldent see me "im a fail" and that's all i can remember.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. The Contest

      by , 05-02-2011 at 02:52 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      So here i was skateboarding and i heard a competition was coming up so i decided to enter i don't know how i got to the competition but i remember there was a basketball clock like thing counting down in red numbers from 50 seconds to a minute it was a jam session so everyone was skateboarding at the same time. the contest was indoors one platform with rails ramps etc. when the jam started i went doing some kickflip's didn't land but i did boardslides to ollieing up stepups i ended up last place but i asked her for another shot. i did more step ups and more tricks but i failed ended up last place and nearly almost beat this guy. the announcers were 3 people the one i talked to was in the middle she was black with dred's with goldish highlits in them many moles after that i cant really remember what happend.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. My first hallucination as a child.BARNIE

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:39 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      at around the time i had my first lucid. 8-9 i had my first hallucination. i remember i fell off my bed.. in my head i was like . what? all of a sudden i see a small figure of barnie im talking a really small version of barnie with demonic red eyes. i saw him and i stood there looking at it i quickly rubbed my eyes and it was gone.

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    12. The 2nd Dream With The Old Man

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:33 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      about 2 years ago i had this dream. i was in a field a huge grassy field. the old man stood there the wind was blowing his hair. he was standing. i was standing. the man that protected me in my dream when i was younger stared at me..i was confused. he slowly did the prayer cross you know "Father Son Holy Spirit" after he did that he fell to his knees put his hands up to his face blood started coming out of his mouth he made gurgle noise's then BLAHHH! over 100 gigantic rats came out of his mouth and ran at me my eyes Widened i didn't get enough time to even make a move. they all got on me. i woke up punching a kicking... that dream made no sense.. still trying to learn the answer today.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    13. When i was small i had a lucid.

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:26 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      when i was around 6-8 i had this lucid dream i never forgot. i was going to my summer camp my mom dropped me off i turn around and the road to my summer camp that my mom dropped me off at the end was a straight path. i saw flying figures going around and people running i continue to walk casually to my camp the moment i got there i was in terror after a few times of running around a dodgeing i stood there and said....wait a minute...this is a dream."i started getting louder" THIS IS A DREAM!! ITS ONLY A DREAM!!!!! i ran up to a girl my age at the time and grabbed her shoulders and said ITS ONLY A DREAM!!! ITS ONLY A DREAM!!! she looked confused almost like she was dazed off into space i let her go ran to this door opened it an old man was there in the closet .. this old man ive seen in 2 dreams so far in my lifetime. i opened it he said COME IN HERE QUICKLY ILL PROTECT YOU. i ran in there with my school uniform on i hide behind these clothes rack's. these vampires were about 5 foot with gray skin black spiked hair black eyes giant bat wings. it looked like something i drew in 1st grade. now that i think about it. as i was hidden. a vampire opened the door the old man had his hands up trying to fight off the vampire not giving up it was a small closet. he had a long white beard long white hair and sideburns all white hair. he was trying and trying to fight off for as long as he could. the vampire bite him scratched him killed him. the old man dropped to the floor or i think threw him outside. the vampire saw me. then in a quick jolt it opened its mouth and FLEW so fast at my face. like the ones in horror movies. i woke up with my heart pounding like a speed horse i got up. and ran to my moms room .
      lucid , nightmare
    14. Doesnt Make Any Sense.

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:09 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      i was at like a yoga place there was the boys side and the girls side one girl i know her name was victoria she hade the back pockets of blue jeans but wasn't wearing any pants? even though there was a boys and girl side you could see over the the girls side and.. of course i looked but in my dream there was alot of places. even a bar the girl wearing the pockets was sitting down on a stool with a green covering over it similar to my friends old one they were sitting at a wooden counter, at a certain point i was wanting my phone activated? and i lost my phone i was tremendously filled with sadness i went to the yoga place a couple of times.. at some point i was at school to but the part i remember the most is when i was sitting in my kitchen my grandmother sat on the sink. and asked if i could help her. pretty much meaning "kill someone" i play wat to much Grand Theft Auto. so we went past the barn where i did this thing everytime i went by.. like stretches or something. so we went racing through the middle of the barn onto the road we were in ethier a silver super GT or a comet it went 3rd person so it really looked like GTA IV now i busted the window in 3rd person pulled out a mini uzi and shot at the car my grandmother's rival that i think owe'd her money Lol. but shooting didnt feel right it made me sad because it was my mom's boyfriend's cousin so i stopped. i think i woke up after that but there was alot of .. strange things in that dream . from the yoga place to when my grandma sat on the sink with her panties showing x_x well look foward to my next dream.
    15. Could Have Been Lucid

      by , 04-27-2011 at 07:35 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      Non Lucid: So in my dream my grandmother came back from rhode island. "shes gone for two weeks" and found out the computer crashed "it magically fixed i prayed to God saying if my computer fixed i wouldent watch a certain thing anymore " i told myself that night before i went to bed. if my computer works its a dream. "the computer worked and yet i didnt go lucid" she turned it on it worked. at the bottom of the screen a pop up came it says the name of the person who crashed my computer his name was "Farin Robin"we tryed going to google to get an antivirus it was allmost like a battle for control.
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