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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Lucid Task Complete!

      by , 05-20-2011 at 04:19 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      in this dream i was on my bus at school and this girl i liked liked me blah blah i heard them say she didnt know if i liked her so we didnt go out and stuff. but after that i went home to my room and walked out i went towards my patio door and stopped i saw a mirror looked in it and smiled. in the mirror i didnt smile fully it was like i couldent smile and then i said Im Dreaming. i then remembered on DV's a guy said "when you go lucid immediatly do something. i ran downstairs to my patio i stood in front of the big couch down there the first thing i tried to do was a rasengan "lucid task" i focused hard all of a sudden i saw my hand dip in having a hole like shape in my hand i saw flashing images pop up in my hand of a blue swirling ball "rasengan" i coulden't do it that way so i tried another position i did hand symbols representing jutsu i put my palm facing downward a rasengan detached from my hand was there after chargeing i spun and it shot out of my hand flying towards the sky.. "it looked so cool" next i thought of something else. i remembered me and my friend trying to "dream share" i attempted to summon my friend jason we have been trying these projects together i put my hands on the ground "its how i summon" and a blast of smoke shot up from the ground above me it faded and nothing was there so i remember my friend saying he said"he focused hard and saw images of me" So i then focused hard. i remember him saying after that the dream got fuzzy and he woke up all of a sudden the dream got fuzzy i then thought of what to do i quickly closed my eyes and spun when i opened them it was clear again. i remain in the dream i then attempted to summon again i thought i couldent because of the small space in the patio i still tried no luck. so i ran to my backyard trying to summon again nothing. so i thought of something else to do. lets just say it was over pg-13. and after that i woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    2. My first hallucination as a child.BARNIE

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:39 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      at around the time i had my first lucid. 8-9 i had my first hallucination. i remember i fell off my bed.. in my head i was like . what? all of a sudden i see a small figure of barnie im talking a really small version of barnie with demonic red eyes. i saw him and i stood there looking at it i quickly rubbed my eyes and it was gone.

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    3. The 2nd Dream With The Old Man

      by , 04-29-2011 at 09:33 PM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      about 2 years ago i had this dream. i was in a field a huge grassy field. the old man stood there the wind was blowing his hair. he was standing. i was standing. the man that protected me in my dream when i was younger stared at me..i was confused. he slowly did the prayer cross you know "Father Son Holy Spirit" after he did that he fell to his knees put his hands up to his face blood started coming out of his mouth he made gurgle noise's then BLAHHH! over 100 gigantic rats came out of his mouth and ran at me my eyes Widened i didn't get enough time to even make a move. they all got on me. i woke up punching a kicking... that dream made no sense.. still trying to learn the answer today.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    4. a dream that made me recall a dream.

      by , 04-27-2011 at 07:01 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      i strangely hade this dream before near the beginning of the year that i didnt even remember until about 4 days ago i was dreaming. this dream has to do with a church that looked allmost like a classical old time bar but hade a square carved in the ground around the whole thing and hade water flowing through it . very bright good looking water. in the last dream i hade about this is could transfer from heaven to earth back and fourth i wrote my experiences in the dream the last time. now this time he shows me the paper i wrote my experiences on in the dream with im sure the same words if i can recall what i read. it said "acknowledge-being" on it he said to me "you were a good writer" and in my dream my friend was there he reminded me how to do that transfer he put his hand in the position and i quickly remembered when i tried to do it everything went blurry and i stopped doing it then. i dont recall after that.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Very Strange.

      by , 04-27-2011 at 06:49 AM (The Quest For Lucidity)
      I was in a classroom we made a circle out of the desk to make a space in the middle of the classroom there was about 24 desk and everyone filled up the seats i think 2 or 3 were left. all of a sudden these african tall people got up and went into the middle of the space. they stuck there tongues out and there tongues nearly hit the floor and they put rubber bands in the middle of them it was like a form of dance. they started swinging there tongues like a rope holding it with there bare hands they slapped there tongues together moveing in a circle when they stopped everyone applauded including myself..there were about 4 preformances and then the"5th" performance.. i stood up and went foward suddenly my tongue shot out looking like theres with tattoo's on it the tongues came in the colors of brown tan and pink mine was tan with a rubber band in the middle and black tattoo's like flame tattoo's i hade like 5 rubberbands in the upper part of my tongue over crossing somehow i knew what i was doing i grabbed my tongue did that dance after my performance my tongue didnt go back in so i walked happily while people applauded then i saw this girl i liked at school. all i did was stare in her eyes and she looked in my eyes looked away and looked back. right when i got pretty much to my seat i woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable