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    20/02/14 - ld 17

    by , 02-14-2020 at 10:40 PM (329 Views)
    Spontaneously got lucid when I was walking down a corridor with a dark carpet (can't remember what happened before). From the distance a well-known person from my field of work was talking to me, offering a closer collaboration on one project. As I got closer I came into a large, strange room like a foyer but all surfaces were glossy white with only some brightly green accents. My colleague was standing there, looking different than in reality. I thanked her for the offer and agreed on her plan, then I walked on towards the entrance.
    I went down some white stairs and thought of trying to meditate in the dream, with the TOTM in mind. So I sat down cross-legged but I hadn't considered the slippery, tilted floor that made me slither towards the doors. I moved a little to the side and tried again, simply sitting down and focusing on my breath. As soon as I did so, things got intense fast. My surroundings dissolved almost immediately and I started spinning in all directions through space and time. Next I focused onto my feelings, and all I felt was a strong sense of certainty.
    Then I was back in bed, seemingly awake as everything was far too real. Of course I was still dreaming.

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