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    20/03/15 - ld 21

    by , 03-15-2020 at 07:30 PM (429 Views)
    Unintentional WBTB of 2 hours after ~5 hours of sleep. Already expected this leading to a LD, didn't take long...
    At first I had an annoying non-lucid dream in which I got more and more conscious over time. In the end I went kinda lucid while having breakfast with some family members in a gym, but I kept slipping in and out of the dream. As I was rather stressed out due to previous events I wanted to calm down and so I imagined the tea I was just drinking to have relaxing psychoactive properties. The effect hit me immediately and was way stronger than I had expected; I felt a huge shift in my awareness. I wonder what kind of chemicals my brain did release here.
    Next, I was back in my bed and for some moments I can't say for sure what was real and what was not. When I felt our cat licking my left arm I realized I must already be dreaming because she couldn't be around. I got up and looked around, it was pitch dark so I decided to go outside. I wanted to leave trough the window/wall but - once again - things seemed solid, it even hurt a bit running against the wall... To convince myself of being in a dream (which I doubted after that) and to increase lucidity I RCed in the most mindful manner. It worked and I could successful jump out of the window. On the other side I somehow kept floating a metre above the ground. I just stayed up in the air and carefully flew around the garden outside. Looking down I realized how absurdly real my surroundings seemed once again, except that they were more colorful than in reality. I flew through some branches of a large tree and dove down onto the ground to pick some flowers. Then, I pondered what to do next - and felt the dream fading.
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    1. Lang's Avatar
      Yeah, I've jumped out of windows before. In one of my lucid Task of The month dreams.
    2. Djaxup's Avatar
      I usually start in a dark version of reality, but once I properly stabilize (usually via interaction with my surroundings, touching/feeling walls etc.) everything usually clears up and it all just looks so awesome.