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    20/05/29 - ld 25

    by , 05-29-2020 at 01:39 PM (209 Views)
    Being stuck at home so much at the moment is really messing with my lucidity (or maybe my intention to lucid dream). But I'm slowly getting back into it; some short (semi-)lucid experiences and one incomplete WILD in the last few days. Now, the first full lucid dream in more than a month - even if it was very short.

    Woke up after only 3 hours of sleep and didn't feel sleepy at all. Took this as an opportunity to experiment once again, and put myself into a state of deep hypnosis. Used this to work through some things and progressively got more relaxed, after some time I fell back asleep. Next thing I remember is waking up again and thinking: "There'll probably be false awakenings....Like this?!"
    I tried to RC but everything was already so strange that the dream state was obvious: Looking around my field of view appeared somewhat limited and the whole room was tilted by 45. Nevertheless, I got up and walked towards the door. This was quite difficult because I felt very groggy. I noticed my mother sitting on my bed and asking if I wasn't able to sleep (again...).
    Next, I felt pretty lightweight and so I started floating through the house. Once again I was astonished how realistic everthing can seem, e.g. when I slightly pinched my fingers in a door. Then, I got to the entrance and - without hestitation - proceeded to jump straight through the door. Interestingly, some part of me was surprised and got really scared by this action. I heard myself utter a fearful sound but didn't produce this neither in the dream nor in reality - as I woke up right away.

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